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Barbara Farfan

What Time Does Cyber Monday 2011 Start? Cyber Monday Deals, Specials, Sales, Coupon Codes, and Answers

By November 27, 2011

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The question asked most often about Cyber Monday every year is, "What time does Cyber Monday start?" In a way this reminds me of the famous question that was often asked when I worked at Disney... "What time is the 3:00 parade?" I never really could understand how people could be confused about that, but the Cyber Monday start time confusion is a little bit more understandable. Especially since Cyber Monday is an American holiday shopping tradition that is only six years old and one which has evolved quite a bit in that short period of time.

The easiest answer to "What time does Cyber Monday 2011 start?" is one second after the clock strikes 12:00 midnight on Monday, November 28, 2011. The not-so-easy answer is... it depends.

For many retail Internet websites, Cyber Monday deals, specials, sales, and coupon codes are already running, and the best bargains are already being snatched up. Cyber Monday has expanded into Cyber Days, Cyber Weekend, Cyber Week, and Cyber Month. If Christmas decorations can go into the brick-and-mortar retail stores before Halloween, and Black Friday can begin on Thanksgiving Day, then why should we think that Cyber Monday would be held to the confines of one 24-hour shopping period?

So, if you were planning to wait until you got to work on Monday to do all your Cyber Monday shopping on-the-clock, you might find that you waited too long. You might instead want to use the Complete List of Cyber Monday Deals to see if you can grab some Cyber Sunday deals today. It might also be advisable to use the Cyber Monday Coupon Codes list to see if there are any deals that are worth getting up at midnight for.

There are plenty of Cyber Monday deals to be found if you're willing to trade sleep for cheap in the next 24 hours. And what good American Christmas shopper is not willing to do that?

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November 28, 2011 at 1:34 am
(1) Vicki says:

I love how the time zone is never stated for these websites!!!

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