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Stores Open Late Christmas Eve 2012 - Last Minute-Shopping Panic Eased By Stores Open Christmas Day 2012 - Best Last-Minute e-Gifts and eGift Card Options December 24, 2012

By December 24, 2012

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Shoppers in all time zones are quickly running out of stores open late on Christmas Eve 2012 for last-minute Christmas Eve shopping. But more than any other Christmas shopping season, last-minute Christmas Eve shopping panic is eased greatly by the largest number of last-minute e-gift and stores open on Christmas Day 2012 ever available.

For those who want the quickest route to the large number of last-minute gift and shopping options available throughout Christmas Day, December 25, 2012, here are the links that will lead you to them....

If you want to feel better about your membership in the 2012 Last of the Last Minute Shoppers (LOLS) club, read on.

There's one very important fact that all Christmas Eve last-minute shoppers need to know this year. The #1 gift that Americans are hoping to receive on December 25, 2012, according to a survey by the international consultancy firm Deloitte, is... (drumrolll for dramatic effect)...

Gift cards!

This is undoubtedly deflating and disheartening to those who went to great efforts trolling malls and websites for just-right ultra-thoughtful gift. No worries, though. For those carefully chosen purchases, it is definitely the thought that counts. But in case you didn't know, gift cards have transformed from being impersonal, thoughtless afterthoughts into the preferred expression of Christmas joy.

So in your procrastination, you have inadvertently stumbled upon a last-minute gifting option that will make you a Christmas hero. From this point forward, though, even more than the thought counting, it's speed that's really going to count.

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On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2012 there are eGift Cards and eGift Certificates available for just about any kind of merchandise sold at just about every type of retail outlet imaginable. The "e" stands for "electronic," which means no plastic cards are necessary. No plastic means no shipping, no shipping means no additional charges and no shipping delays.

You do have to be careful when choosing last-minute e-gift cards and e-gift certificates because sometimes they are only redeemable online, sometimes they are redeemable only in stores, and sometimes they are redeemable both ways. And with the latest retail innovations, sometimes e-gift cards and e-gift certificates don't even have to be printed up. Just having the code, or pulling up the image on a mobile phone or tablet sometimes works just fine at the cash register or online shopping cart.

How do you know which retailer has which "sometimes" rules attached to their Christmas 2012 e-gift cards and e-gift certificates? You can either click through hundreds of websites to research it, or you can use this handy list that has done the research for you...

All Retail e-Gift Cards and e-Gift Certificates >>

There's one more low-tech, longstanding, traditional last-minute gift option that's been been overshadowed by high-tech gifting options and unnecessarily overlooked in 2012. This last-minute gift option is not just about books, fruit, wine and cheese any more. Think pickles, moss, black socks, and kangaroo filets instead.

We're talking about gift of-the-month clubs which are last-minute gift options that are becoming popular once again partly due to the unique, creative, and sometimes completely wacky items that are being offered for delivery twelve times a year for one membership fee.

If you're stuck for ideas - and if you're still shopping on December 24th there's a good chance that you are - then a quick look at the gift of-the-month club possibilities available for kids, pets, computer geeks, business travelers, crafters and even exotic meat lovers might help you find a uniquely perfect gift for that person who's uniquely difficult to buy for. And yes, there are still books, fruit, wine, and cheese of-the month options to choose from too.

Click here for list of the Best of the Of-The-Month Clubs >>

Last-Minute Gifting Tip of the Day - The reason why of-the-month clubs are such popular last-minute gifts is because you can wrap up a certificate or even just a picture of something similar to what will be delivered every month, which seems thoughtfully customized, instead of last-minute and desperate!

If e-gifting options aren't going to be satisfying to either the Christmas gift giver or the Christmas gift getter, then the very last of the last-minute Christmas gift options will be shopping at stores open on Christmas Day, December 25, 2012. Luckily for the last of the last-minute shoppers everywhere, there are more than 25,000 physical retail stores that will be open on Christmas Day, December 25, 2012.

The bad news is that the stores open on Christmas Day may not have the biggest selection of gift options. But the good news is that the stores open on Christmas Day have been open on Christmas Day for many years, so they're getting better with choosing their Christmas gift inventory.

All Stores Open on Christmas Day 2012

Most of the stores open on Christmas Day are open for 24 hours. So stop reading and finish your shopping now so that when you settle down for a long winter's nap on the night before Christmas, all you'll have to worry about is what you're getting, not what you're giving.

Unless the meaning of Christmas is mostly about last-minute adrenaline rush for you.... then you can just figure it all out tomorrow on the way to Christmas dinner.

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