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Black Friday Freebie Giveaways Offered On Thanksgiving Day - Free Phones, Free Gift Cards and Free Bonuses Reward Shoppers at Best Buy, Target, Staples and More

By November 25, 2013

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Shoppers who agree to participate in the Thanksgiving Day Malliday on November 28th will be well rewarded for their participation with free mobile phones, free gifts, free gift cards, free bonuses with purchases, and miscellaneous free stuff being offered by the retail chains with stores open on Thanksgiving Day 2013. All that free stuff that shoppers have been willing to line up for in the wee hours of Black Friday bygone sales days is now being offered on Thanksgiving Day. And unfortunately, most of those in-store free gifts, gift cards, purchase bonuses and miscellaneous free stuff won't be available to online shoppers.

The Thanksgiving Day freebie marketing strategy is seemingly more aggressive than the Black Friday freebies that were offered in 2012, making Thanksgiving Day conscientious objector status even more painful for shoppers. Retailers want to give holiday shoppers as many excuses as possible to make shopping a part of their new Thanksgiving Day tradition. And retailers know that nothing is more motivating to American consumers than something for nothing.

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Shoppers who choose not to head to the stores for their Black Friday freebies on Thanksgiving Day will undoubtedly be disappointed to find that the "limited supplies" are long gone by the time the clock strikes midnight on November 29th. Those who do decide to chase after their Black Friday freebies on Thanksgiving Day will probably make big scores with very little hassle. November 28th may be the first and last time that American consumers will be able to score lots of free stuff without enduring ridiculously long lines and fighting with ridiculously large crowds.

Marketers at the largest U.S. retail chains know that regardless of when freebies are offered, those freebies will get snatched up by die-hard deal hunting consumers. So the risk attached to Thanksgiving Day freebies isn't that they won't be wanted, but rather that the sales generated by freebie marketing won't be concentrated into one single day.

Because of all the discounts and freebies offered, Black Friday isn't necessarily the most profitable sales day of the year for retailers, but it is a significant day in terms of sales volume. In 2013 retail leaders have to be mentally prepared for a redistribution of sales volume, and not get freaked out when Black Friday numbers are spread out over an entire week instead of concentrated into one single sales day.

Of course the media will get all freaked out and make a big deal out of smaller Black Friday numbers in 2013. Those comparative statistics are already waiting to be reported. But just because the media concludes that Thanksgiving Day shopping was a bad idea because of its negative impact on Black Friday doesn't mean it's true.

Whether it's a good idea or a bad idea, most of the largest U.S. retail chains are all-in with the Thanksgiving Day Malliday and have shifted all the best freebies and Doorbuster Deals that would have been offered at Black Friday store opening times to Thanksgiving Day to prove their commitment. We'll just have to wait and see what effect it has on the commitment level of loyal Black Friday shoppers. My prediction is that Black Friday shoppers aren't referred to as "diehard" for no good reason.

Best Buy (BBY) beats the competition for the most freebies, free gift cards, freebie bundles, and free with purchase offers on Thanksgiving Day by far. Target (TGT), Staples (SPLS), and Office Depot (ODP) are also using the freebie marketing strategy aggressively, and mostly with consumer electronics items, which are again predicted to be the most popular Christmas holiday gift category in 2013.

Those who do plan on shopping on November 28th can click here to get a roundup of Thanksgiving Day 2013 freebies that will be available to them. Those who plan on waiting until sometime after midnight on Black Friday to start chasing down deals can click here for all Thanksgiving Day 2013 freebies they will miss. Fortunately for some shoppers, and unfortunately for others it's the same list.

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