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Retail Industry - By Category

Retail Jobs, Employment and Career Research and Resources
Get the best jobs and promotions with the top employers in the retail industry. Find research and resources for retail employers, job-hunters, hourly store employees, and management team members. Turn your hourly retail job into a top paying retail career with inside tips from successful retailing experts.

World's Largest and Most Famous Retail Stores and Chains
Get facts, sales data, research, details, and trivia about the world's best, largest and most famous U.S. and global retail industry stores and chains here. Find information about current events, as well as background and history information about the largest retailers in the world and the visionary leaders and founders who made them great.

US Retail Industry Sales Numbers, Figures, Statistics, Earnings, Comps
Find retail industry same store sales numbers, fiscal year results, earnings news, multi-year comparable sales, and other retail statistics for both the U.S. and global retail industry here.

Retail Industry Best Practices, Award-Winning Retailers & Retailing Benchmarks
Find the best practices of the world’s largest retail stores and chains here. Benchmark your retail operation with the best performance, strategies and innovations from award-winning global retailers. Then adapt and adopt these retail industry best practices to improve your own reatil success and profitability.

Retail Definitions - Glossary of Retail Industry - Retail Terminology
A retail glossary of definitions, terminology, jargon, marketing terms, sales lingo and management slang is here. Find definitions of the retail industry-specific terminology you'll need to know in order to speak the language of retailers and retail analysts here.

Employee Management Tips & Tools
Train and motivate hourly retail employees to work with excellence. Free team building and management tools & tips from successful experts.

Newest Retail Trends & Trendsetters - Leading Edge Retail Practices, Innovations
Find the newest retail trends and trendsetters in the U.S. and global retail industry here. The leading edge retail chains are employing innovations and fresh retailing operations, marketing, and sales practices to increase sales. Secrets in customer psychology and cutting edge retail trends are revealed in this retail trendsetters guide.

Retail Trade Consultants & Suppliers
Retail managers can find the operational and managerial support they need in this comprehensive directory of service providers for the retail industry. Consultants and suppliers who support the growth and profitability of large and small retail operations can be easily accessed here.

Global Retail Innovations & Technology
These technology product profiles will help retailers evaluate the latest retail enterprise solutions and keep pace with fast-moving innovations and technological advances. Customer reviews and retail technology comparisons will help identify the best and most cost-effective solutions for any retail operation.

Retail Industry Professional Trade Associations
A comprehensive directory of retail trade associations worldwide and the services they provide to all segments of the retailing industry. Tap into free education and retailing tools provided locally, as well as cutting edge conferences and events staged around the world.

Retail Visual Merchandisng Tips, Trends, Jobs & Careers
Improve sales and profitability with the retail merchandising tools and tips. Find the latest retail trends in visual merchandising, merchandising innovations, and merchandising trends here. Also find retail merchandising jobs and career information here.

Milestones in the History of the American Retail Industry
Historical research and nostalgic musings about America's most beloved sellers of stuff. You'll find retail industry milestones and triva, as well as individual company profiles, anecdotes, legends and lore.

Retail Marketing & Advertising - Coupons, Discounts, Freebies, Loyalty Programs
Find the latest retail marketing and advertising strategies from the largest retail chains like Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, and restaurants like McDonalds, Olive Garden, KFC, and Taco Bell. Get details about the rraditional marketing tools like coupons, discounts, and freebies, as well as new leading edge marketing tactics like customer loyalty programs, e-clubs, and birthday clubs here.

Biggest and Best U.S. Retail Industry Holiday Marketing and Sales Campaigns
The biggest and best U.S. retail industry marketing and sales campaigns are centered around the major U.S. holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as fabricated retail holidays like Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Back to School season. The American holidays of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day all have retail traditions connected to them as well. Find information about all the holiday-related marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns of the U.S. retail industry here.

Retail Industry Frequently Asked Questions FAQs - Popular Questions and Answers
Find frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the retail industry here. Popular questions and answers about retail companies of the United States, global retailing, retail jobs and careers, and retail shopping can be found here.

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