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Walmart Best Black Friday Deals 2012 - Biggest Discounts, Best Prices at Walmart

Best Wal-Mart Deals on Computer Software, Video Games, Electronics, TVs, More


Walmart Best Black Friday Deals 2012 - Biggest Discounts, Best Prices at Walmart
Reprinted with permission from WalMart.com
Updated November 20, 2012
It’s easy for millions of Black Friday shoppers to find hundreds of Black Friday deals, discounts and specials available at Wal-Mart on November 23, 2012. But it’s not so easy to know if those Wal-Mart deals are really the best deals. Since Wal-Mart has built its brand and its reputation around being the leader in discount prices, shoppers often unconsciously assume that the discounts and prices they find at Wal-Mart are automatically the lowest and best.

But for Black Friday 2012, this low-price best-deal assumption might not be true. While Wal-Mart has plenty of Black Friday “deals” advertised (more than 1,000 different deals between Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday), the discounts are not the biggest and the prices are not the lowest. That judgment is based on comparing Wal-Mart’s deals with other Black Friday retailers, and it’s also based on the kind of drastic price cuts and deep discounts expected from a really great Black Friday Deal.

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You can save up to 75% on some video games at Wal-Mart, up to 72% on some electronics accessories, and up to 56% on a couple of TVs. But surprisingly Wal-Mart does not dominate many ‘best deals” list. Unless they introduce some unadvertised 2012 Black Friday deals, Wal-Mart will not be giving Black Friday shoppers the best Black Friday deals for mobile phones, cameras, or TVs. Wasn’t Wal-Mart supposed to be the biggest threat to Amazon for electronics?

Since the Black Friday ads of the largest U.S. retail chains were “leaked” well in advance of Black Friday, there has been enough advance time to actually determine which are the best discounts offered by Wal-Mart as 2012 Black Friday Deals. In terms of discount percentages, the “best” Black Friday deals are mostly the ones that provide the biggest pricing discounts.

What follows is a comprehensive list of Wal-Mart’s best Black Friday deals, according to discount percentages. This list contains items from any category of merchandise which is priced at 50% - 100% off the “regular” price. These best Wal-Mart Black Friday Discounts are arranged according to discount percentage, with the highest discount first.

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