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Predictions for Christmas Holiday Shopping Season Biggest Shopping Days

What Are the Busiest Christmas Shopping Days for Retail Stores and Malls?


Predictions for Christmas Holiday Shopping Season Biggest Shopping Days
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2013 Christmas Holiday Season UPDATES:

Predictions for the 2012 Christmas holiday shopping season from retail industry experts include predictions about which days will be the biggest busiest shopping days for physical retail stores and malls. This is important information for retail chains that like to coordinate their specials and sales with the highest foot traffic Christmas shopping days so that they can lure the largest number of Christmas shoppers into their store doors. Savvy Christmas shoppers also realize that busy shopping days mean special sales, so they have great interest in the predictions for the biggest Christmas 2012 shopping days.

Other Christmas shoppers like to know which days the malls and stores will be the most crowded so that they can avoid them (and their parking lots) completely. Retail investors like to know what the busiest retail sales days are so that they can time their stock trades with sales-related headlines.

What follows is a list of 2012 Christmas Holiday shopping dates that are predicted to be the biggest, the busiest, and the most crowded for retail stores and malls, as predicted by foot traffic analysts, ShopperTrak. All but two of the Christmas shopping days predicted to be the busiest are weekend days, which is no surprise. But the order of the busy-ness for these weekend days may be surprising, especially for the average Christmas shopper.

It is worth noting that although the time period between November 23 and December 1 is the biggest revenue producing time of 2012 for U.S. retailers, only two of those days are among the busiest shopping days for physical stores and chains. That, of course, is because Cyber Monday and Cyber Week captures the attention of online Internet and mobile shoppers. The busy-ness of Christmas shopping in physical stores and malls is also weather dependent, and big storms on any of the predicted busiest shopping days will also drive shoppers to retail websites for ship-to-store purchases.

Important to both retailers and Christmas holiday shoppers is the “extra” weekend before Christmas in 2012, which falls on a Tuesday this year. Undoubtedly a large number of U.S. employees will take the Christmas Eve Monday as a holiday, which will encourage retailers to have extended Christmas Eve store hours. Also noting that more than 200 retail chains had stores open on Thanksgiving Day 2012, it’s likely that the trend will continue to more Christmas Day shopping in 2012 for both very-last minute Christmas shopping and very early day-after-Christmas shopping.

Predictions for the Biggest and Busiest Shopping Days of the 2012 Christmas Holiday Shopping Season:

  • 1) Friday, Nov. 23 (Black Friday)

    2) Saturday, Dec. 22 (Super Saturday)

    3) Saturday, Dec. 15

    4) Friday, Dec. 21

    5) Sunday, Dec. 23

    6) Saturday, Dec. 8

    7) Wednesday, Dec. 26 (Day after Christmas)

    8) Saturday, Nov. 24 (Black Saturday)

    9) Thursday, Dec. 20

    10) Saturday, Dec. 29
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