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What are the Best Smartphone Deals and Discounts For Cyber Week 2012?


What are the Best Smartphone Deals and Discounts For Cyber Week 2012?
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Question: What are the Best Smartphone Deals and Discounts For Cyber Week 2012?
After the big 2012 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were over, one of the most frequently asked questions by Christmas holiday shoppers in 2012 is What are the best smartphone deals and discounts available in the Cyber Week following Cyber Monday 2012?
Answer: While tech products in particular, and smartphones specifically were the hottest purchases during Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012 sales, in the week following those major Christmas shopping events, commonly referred to as Cyber Week, there are still plenty of Christmas shoppers who want to buy smartphones, and also plenty of retailers who are willing to give the best deals and discounts to capture those smartphone sales.

You can still get more than two dozen smartphones at a very popular price point - $.01 - in Cyber Week 2012. Of course, you'll have to also purchase the service plan to get the penny price for these smartphones, but really what good would a smartphone be without a service plan anyway?

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Some of the one-cent smartphone deals are for little known brands like Huwei, ZTE, and Kyocera. But some of the best smart phone deals that are still available are for popular brands and models like LG, Samsung, Casio, and BlackBerry. The LG Escape has been one of the most popular smartphones purchased recently overall and there is at least one retailer who is still offering it for a penny during Cyber Week (with an AT&T service plan). Click here to compare prices for the LG Escape smartphone.

If you missed the $0.01 Apple iPhones that Best Buy was advertising as one of its big Black Friday deals, fortunately there are still plenty of iPhone deals available at Best Buy at a price point even more popular than one penny… completely free! The freebie iPhones are not the most current model, and they don't have the most memory possible, and some of them are refurbished. What do you expect for a penny? But if you, or someone you love, or someone who has been bugging you to death has been dying to get an iPhone, one of these Best Buy freebie iPhones is a good entry level device.

Click here for all Best Buy iPhone Cyber Week deals >> See Also These Cyber Week 2012 Deals and Discounts: >> Breaking Holiday Shopping News Updates << Share This Story | Trending Retail Topics | Free Retail Newsletter | E-mail Quote of the Day | Pinteresting Retail Pins | Follow on Twitter | "Like" on Facebook |
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