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All Free Shipping Day Deals, Coupon Codes, Expirations, Purchase Minimums 12-17

Online Internet Shopping Websites With Free Shipping Day Deals December 17, 2012


All Free Shipping Day Deals, Coupon Codes, Expirations, Purchase Minimums 12-17
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Updated February 08, 2013
Free Shipping Day, December 17, 2012 is the designation for the last day that online Internet website purchased can use regular ground shipping options and still get delivered before Christmas. To mark the occasion and to encourage online Internet website shoppers to avoid big expedited shipping charges after December 17th, U.S. retailers with shopping websites usually offer some kind of free shipping deal on December 17, 2012.

Free shipping deals on Free Shipping Day don’t always mean that shipping is completely free on anything you purchase online that day. In fact, most retailers have minimum purchase requirements before purchases will be shipped for free. Other retailers offer free shipping only on certain merchandise or categories of merchandise. Some retail websites have more than one shipping offer with different minimums, exclusions, and requirements going on at the same time.

The most misleading part about Free Shipping Day for shoppers is the inference that there are special Free Shipping Day deals that will be happening only on December 17, 2012. In fact, Free Shipping Day deals and discounts that will run only on December 17, 2102 are rare. The majority of free shipping deals are currently active and available at least the week before December 17, 2012. So if you’re waiting for December 17th to see if you can get an even better deal, in most cases the wait won’t yield you a better deal, at least as far as the shipping charges are concerned.

All in all, Free Shipping Day can be very confusing if you don’t sort it out in advance of 12/17/2012. What follows are several lists which sort all the Free Shipping Day offers for you. Just click the links to view the Free Shipping Day offer you want to receive. And remember... all free shipping offers listed here are active and available today! You don’t have to wait until December 17, 2012 unless you’re waiting for a paycheck, or you just enjoy the rush of that kind of shopping procrastination.

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