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All One-Day Only Christmas 2012 Daily Deals - Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy etc.

Best December Deep Discounts on Electronics, Computers, Toys, Clothes, and More


All One-Day Only Christmas 2012 Daily Deals - Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy etc.
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Updated November 02, 2013
As time goes by in the 2012 Christmas holiday shopping season, the number of retailers offering one-day only, today-only, flash, and limited time deals and deep discounts is increasing, along with the number of these special “while supplies last” deals that are being offered by each retailer each day. It’s unclear whether this indicates that the one-day only deal strategy is working well for retailers, or if they’re just trying to clear out inventory before having to reduce it to bargain basement prices after Christmas.

Regardless of the reason, Christmas holiday shoppers are the beneficiaries because some of the best December discounts on electronics, computers, toys, clothes, cameras, tablets, appliances, bedding, and more are still being offered at Wal-mart, Target, Best Buy, Costco, Amazon, and other major retailers via their one-day only flash sales each day.

What follows is a comprehensive roundup of all of the one-day deals for Saturday, December 15, 2012. Each retailer has different timing for their today-only deals, so use the links to click through and see if the deal has switched over already. Also, use the compare prices link to check and see if the one-day price is really the best deal. Price wars are causing prices to change quickly so often you will find other retailers besting one-day prices once details about daily deals are released. It’s always best to Be aware and compare!


Somebody forgot to tell the biggest shopping websites that Free Shipping Day is over. Here we are two days later and there ARE plenty of free shipping deals still available. Most importantly, many of the websites still offering free shipping are also guaranteeing delivery by Christmas with that free shipping option.

With just 6 days left until Christmas, guaranteed delivery with free shipping is definitely one of the best deals of today.

Click here for Last-Minute Shipping Deals With Guaranteed Christmas Delivery >>

Of course, any shipping "guarantee" is dependent on the reliability of the shipping company and little annoyances like weather fronts. So the other shipping option with guaranteed Christmas delivery comes from shopping websites with ship-to-store services. As long as the gift recipient is close enough to get hand delivery from you, ship-to-store options will work right through Christmas Eve for some Internet shopping websites.

How do you know which retail websites offer a ship-to-store option? You can click through thousands of them, or you can just use this handy list…

Complete List of Retailers With Ship-to-Store Options >>

Tip of the Day - In the past, all ship-to-store delivery options were free. During the 2012 Christmas shopping season, though, some retailers have been charging a fee for their ship-to-store service. So, check your cart before you click!

BOOKMARK THIS PAGE and return each day for daily deal updates updates.

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