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Last-Minute Christmas 2012 Extended Free Shipping Offers & Guaranteed Delivery

Last-Minute Shipping Deals, Coupon Codes, Expiration Dates - Complete List


Last-Minute Christmas 2012 Extended Free Shipping Offers & Guaranteed Delivery
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Updated August 31, 2013
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Apparently somebody forgot to tell Christmas shopping websites that Free Shipping Day was December 17, 2012 because some of the largest online Internet Christmas shopping websites still have active free shipping offers. Even more importantly, many of the biggest retail websites are still guaranteeing delivery of online purchases with standard shipping by December 24, 2012.

Retailers are demonstrating once again that they feel no need to play any previous set of rules or protocols in the 2012 Christmas holiday shopping season. But in the no-rules retailing, it’s difficult for Christmas shoppers to be clear about what really is and isn’t available, and what Christmas shopping events aren’t and aren’t real.

Here’s the official word on Free Shipping Day. It’s a nice idea. It brings attention to shipping deadlines. It gives the illusions that there are special deals happening when there are very few. But December 17th has come and gone and there are still free shipping deals available and there is still time left to get Christmas delivery with standard low-cost and no-cost shipping options. So much for the Free Shipping Day illusion.

What follows is a list of Free Shipping and Guaranteed Christmas Delivery shipping offers that are still available from online Internet retail websites, with the real expiration date for each of those offers. This list is arranged alphabetically according to the name of the retailer. Use the links to be taken directly to each website to collect the current shipping deal. You must use the coupon codes, if provided, to get the current shipping deal or discount.

>> BOOKMARK THIS PAGE << It will be updated frequently because Internet shopping terms and conditions change often as Christmas Day draws closer. This list was last updated on December 19, 2012.

Websites With Extended Free Shipping Offers & Guaranteed Christmas 2012 Delivery: >> Breaking Holiday Shopping News Updates << Share This Story | Trending Retail Topics | Free Retail Newsletter | E-mail Quote of the Day | Pinteresting Retail Pins | Follow on Twitter | "Like" on Facebook |
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