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How to Contact Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz? Email, Fax, Phone & Address


How to Contact Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz? Email, Fax, Phone & Address

Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz

Reprinted with permission from Starbucks.com
Question: How to Contact Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz? Email, Fax, Phone & Address
How can you contact Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz? What is the email, fax, telephone number, physical address for the president of the Starbucks Coffee Corporation? What’s the best way to send a message and communicate directly with the head of Starbucks Coffee stores?

Customers, investors, and employees of Starbucks very often have something they’d like to say about Starbucks and they’d like to know that their message reached the CEO, Howard Schultz, without getting lost in corporate red tape. So one of the most frequently asked retail questions is how to communicate directly with the Starbucks CEO.
Answer: You can send a message directly to Howard Schultz via e-mail, telephone, or physical mailing address using the information below.

Email Contact Information for CEO Howard Schultz:


Telephone Number to Use to Talk to Howard Schultz:


Number to Use to Send a Fax to CEO Howard Schultz:


Physical Address to Send Mail Directly to Howard Schultz:

Starbucks Coffee Company

2401 Utah Avenue South 

Seattle, WA 98134-1436

Howard Schultz Home Address:

1500 42ND AVE E

Seattle, WA 98112

Since Starbucks is well known for both its high customer service standards and its exemplary social media engagement, posting a message to Howard on the Starbucks Twitter or Facebook accounts is likely to get noticed and passed on.

Starbucks Twitter Feed >>

Facebook Page for Starbucks >>

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