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Amazon.com Internet Sales - Books, Customer Service, CEO and Trends

Get information about Amazon.com internet store, and the books, music, Kindle sales and customer service that make Amazon the most successful e-commerce company in the world. Find analysis of Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon trends, and the company's current events, as well as Amazon history and trivia in this index.

Where to Find Best Amazon.com 2012 Christmas Shopping Deals, Discounts and Coupons
Find out where to find the best Amazon.com 2012 deals, discounts, and coupons for the 2012 Christmas holiday shopping season in this article. Amazon.com usually has more and better deals throughout the Christmas holiday shopping season than any other in-store or online retailer, if you can find them. This Amazon.com Best Deals Roundup article...

Amazon Customer Satisfaction Beat Out Low Prices for Recession Success
Find out how Amazon's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction proved to be more successful than the deep discounts of its competitors during the recession in this article.

Amazon's Succeeds, Struggling Retailers Wonder "What Would Bezos Do?"
CEO Jeff Bezos led Amazon to record profits during difficult economic conditions, leading other struggling retail leaders to wonder, "What Would Bezos Do?" Get expert analysis of how Jeff Bezos might lead turnarounds at some of the largest retail operations in the U.S.

Quotable Quotes About Customer Service from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos
Well-known around the world for his commitment to customer service, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos speaks about his customer service philosophies often. Get quotable quotes from Jeff Bezos about customer service here.

Amazon's List of Best Selling Business Books for the Retail Industry
Three business books on Amazon's annual Best Business Books list are particularly suited for retail leaders. Find the most popular business books from Amazon, Fast Company, and Business Week.

Amazon's Ranking on the Business Week 2010 Customer Service Champ List
Amazon is one of 25 U.S. companies that were named as Customer Service Champs in 2010. Find Amazon's ranking and how it compares to 14 other retail companies for Customer Service Excellence, according to Business Week magazine.

Amazon.com Ranks As Best Company to Launch a Retail Career
When Business Week Magazine compiled a list of the best employers where new college graduates could launch their careers, Amazon.com was ranked in the top 100 of all U.S. companies and in the top 10 of retail industry companies. Get information about all the Best Companies to Launch a Retail Career in this article.

How Amazon Ranks for Customer Service Compared to Other U.S. Retail Industry...
Find out how Amazon ranks for customer service in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index. Compare Amazon's most recent customer service score to other U.S. retail companies in this article.

Amazon E-Gift Card and E-Gift Certificate Options -Last Minute Shopping
Amazon is one of the major U.S. retail chains that offers last minute shopping options by offering e-gift cards and e-gift certificates that can be purchased online and sent to gift recipients almost immediately. Get information about the Amazon e-gift card and e-gift certificate shopping options here, along with the last minute shopping...

Amazon.com YouTube Videos - Newest Videos of Amazon.com on YouTube and Social...
Amazon.com is posting videos and commercials on YouTube as part of its social media marketing strategy. View the newest videos of Amazon.com and see how Amazon.com loyal fans and potential customers are being engaged with company-created and user-generated YouTube video content.

Amazon.com History - Year Founded, Rank on Oldest U.S. Retail Industry...
Find information about the history of Amazon.com, the year it was founded, and where the Amazon.com retail chain ranks compared to other U.S. retailers on the list of Oldest U.S. Retail Industry Companies list.

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