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Where to Find Best Amazon.com 2013 Black Friday Week Deals, Discounts, Coupons

Amazon Lightning, Gold Box, Facebook, Twitter, Clearance, Mobile Deals Roundup


Where to Find Best Amazon.com 2013 Black Friday Week Deals, Discounts, Coupons
Reprinted with permission from Amazon.com
Updated November 21, 2013
When it comes to Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the Christmas holiday shopping season, Amazon has a reputation of being the first with the best. Judging from Amazon’s Christmas deals efforts that started weeks before Black Friday 2013, the largest Internet shopping website has no intentions of resting on its reputation. Amazon entered the 2013 Christmas Holiday shopping season with deals blazing, and indications are that its hot deals and discounts will continue throughout November and December, 2013 all the way up to and after Christmas Day.

With so many products and product categories available on Amazon.com, where will the average shopper find the best Amazon deals, promos, and coupons being offered in November and December, 2013? Click each link that follows to find all the tools and strategies that Amazon.com is using to communicate its best deals, discounts, and coupons if you don’t want to miss any Christmas holiday shopping deals of Amazonian proportions.

Amazon Pre-Black Friday, Countdown to Black Friday, Early Black Friday Deals and Discounts - A Black Friday deal by any name is sweet when it’s posted on Amazon.com long before Black Friday, November 29, 2013 rolls around. Amazon.com is the original U.S. retailer to disregard the boundaries of Black Friday, and its cutting online shopping platform guarantees that Amazon.com will be well positioned to offer its online shoppers the best deals well before Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday roll around for brick-and-mortar retail chains. To make it easy for shoppers to find the best Christmas holiday shopping deals and discounts in 2013, Amazon.com has established a Black Friday Deals Week web page.

Amazon Deals of the Day, Bonus Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals and E-mail Notifications - New deals on merchandise from every category are introduced approximately every two hours with Amazon’s Lightning Deals. The Deal of the Day and the Bonus Deal of the Day are one-day only deals that are available until either time or inventory supplies runs out. The discounts are deep, and the inventory is limited, and the deals change fast. So Amazon helps its customers out by sending Deal Notifications via e-mail. Click here to register for Amazon.com Deal Notification e-mails.

Amazon Facebook Liker Deals - Amazon has promised to give its Facebook likers exclusive deals and content throughout the 2012 Christmas holiday shopping season. Also click here for all retailers offering deals and discounts on Facebook >>

@AmazonDeals on Twitter - No official word whether Amazon tweeters will get any "exclusives,” but Amazon tweets are definitely the fastest way to get notified when new deals go live on the Amazon website. Click here for the complete list of retailers using Twitter accounts for deals and discounts >>

Outlet Deals - Also a regular Amazon.com feature, Outlet Deals are marked down merchandise, clearance items, and overstocks that are priced with ridiculously large discounts, up to 86% off, Amazon says.

Amazon Mobile Apps - The amazing Amazon price check app that makes other retail competitors crazy (not in a good way) is available for iPhones, iPads, Androids, and Windows phones. This is what allows you to scan any piece of merchandise in any store, find it cheaper on Amazon.com, and purchase it from amazon using your mobile phone. It is no wonder why Amazon’s customers love this app as much as Amazon’s competitors hate Amazon for inventing it!

Amazon Holiday Coupons - Manufacturers still like to use coupons - even cyber coupons - to promote sales of certain products. And since Amazon sells just about every product under the sun, there are plenty of coupons available for pre-Black Friday shoppers with more on the way throughout the Christmas shopping season. You can either go to the coupon center on the Amazon website or you can sign up to receive coupon updates in your e-mail box. You can also subscribe to receive daily e-mails with Gold Box and the Deal of the Day updates.

More About Thanksgiving and Black Friday Retailing in 2013: More About Black Friday 2013 Internet Holiday Shopping

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