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Top 20 Internet Shopping Websites for Customer Satisfaction 2013 - 2005

Etailers Rated by Shoppers for Best Merchandise, Functionality, and Prices


Top 20 Internet Shopping Websites for Customer Satisfaction 2013 - 2005
Reprinted with permission from Amazon.com
Updated May 29, 2014
The Internet shopping websites that are best known for their customer service continue to get better each year, and aren't really willing to lose any of their good customer service reputation to competing websites.

This is according to Foresee, a marketing research firm that has taken on the task of measuring Internet shopping satisfaction several times each year since 2005. So, what creates customer satisfaction on a retail e-commerce website? According to marketing research firm Foresee, it is the combination of four things:

Website Functionality
Is the retail website user friendly? Do all technical elements of the website function properly? Is the website fast or slow? is the website organized in a convenient way?

Is the merchandise appealing? Is there a good variety of merchandise? Is the merchandise easily available for direct shipping, shipping to a store? Does the website provide invormation about whether the merchandise is available for immediate purchase in a physical store?

Do customers perceive the retail website prices to be good, fair, and reasonably competitive with the prices being offered by other online retailers and also brick-and-mortar stores?

Is the information on the retail website accurate? Is the content of the website current and fresh? Does the information provided by the retail website give Internet shoppers everything they need to make a buying decision without any human intervention or interaction?

So customers are surveyed about their experience with these four aspects of the most popular retail websites. Based on those customer responses, the Foresee group assigns scores according to a proprietary formula, and then creates a ranking list based on those scores.

The scoring methodology used to create the Internet Shopping Websites for Customer Satisfaction was developed in conjunction with the University of Michigan (which also measures and tracks the Consumer Confidence Index), and is believed to have predictive power. Because of the way the scoring methodology was designed, a high satisfaction score should be a reliable indicator that customers will take one or more of these actions in the short-term and/or long-term future:
  • Make a Purchase Online
  • Make a Purchase Offline
  • Make a Purchase Next Time
  • Recommend the Website tp Others
  • Return to Website
  • Make a Commitment to the Brand
According to Spring 2012 research, of the Internet shoppers who were highly satisfied with a particular website, 94% said they intended to return to shop there again. In comparison, Internet shoppers who were highly dissatisfied with a website, only 59% said they had an intention to return to the website again.

Click for the Best Internet Shopping Websites for Customer Satisfaction, 2013 - 2005 Roundup >>

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