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Best US Retail Companies to Work For, 2014-2006 - Google, Zappos, Nordstrom

Compare a Complete List of U.S. Retailers With Fortune Best Employer Rankings


Best US Retail Companies to Work For, 2014-2006 - Google, Zappos, Nordstrom
Reprinted with permission from Google.com
Updated February 11, 2014
The the list of the best U.S. retail companies to work for have remained pretty much the same are much the same since 2006, according to Fortune Magazine’s annual "100 Best Companies to Work For” list. That is until 2014. The 2014 Best Retail Companies to Work For list is filled with shakeups and surprises. And apprently some of the best retail companies to work for are no loner that great.

What follows is a list of the U.S. retail industry companies that were included on the 2014 Best Companies to Work for List compiled by Fortune Magazine. These are the companies in the U.S. retail industry that have been judged to be the best employers, compared to employers from all other industries in the U.S.

On the next page are the Best Retail Companies to Work For lists from previous years, and on the third page is an 9-year comparison of the retail companies that have been designated as best retail employers from 2006 through 2014.

Each of the yearly ranking lists below are arranged according to the rankings in the left column which were assigned by Fortune Magazine's editors. The number ranking assigned is compared to the ranking of 100 top employers from all U.S. industries.

Fortune Magazine's 2014 Best Retail Companies to Work For:

1    Google
What Makes Google So Googlicious >>

12  Wegmans Food Markets
All About Wegmans and Wegmans Jobs >>

28  The Container Store
Find Job Openings at Constainer Store Stores >>

36  Nugget Market
Nugget Job-Hunting Research >>

38  Zappos.com
How Zappos Employees Rank the Big Boss >>

44  Whole Foods Market
The Philosophy of Whole Foods' Leader >>

48  QuikTrip

54  CarMax

78  Build-A-Bear Workshop

69  Recreational Equipment (REI)
Employee Benefits That Make REI the Best >>

74  Darden Restaurants

75  Publix Super Markets

86  Microsoft

87  Sheetz

89  Nordstrom
Today's Job Openings at Nordstrom Stores and Headquarters >>

82  Cheesecake Factory

MORE: "Best Companies to Work For" qualifications

See also Best Retail Employers list from previous years

Nine-year comparison of Best Retail Employers arranged alphabetically

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