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Fortune 2011 Least Admired Companies List - U.S. Retail Industry Companies

U.S. Retailers Least Admired for Innovation, Management and Competitiveness


Fortune 2011 Least Admired Companies List - U.S. Retail Industry Companies
Reprinted with permission from YouTube.com/volvocarnews
Updated June 12, 2011
For every "most" there is a corresponding "least," and so it is with the annual Fortune "World's Most Admired Companies." While there are 50 companies worldwide from all industries that financial analysts, investors, and corporate executives "admire" as long-term investments, there are all also those companies worldwide that are judged to be not very admirable investments.

In 2010, the companies from the retail industry that were really not in good favor with the investment community polled by Fortune Magazine were Sears, Dillard's and Family Dollar. None of these companies made revolutionary changes in their management, social responsibility, or financial management, so it's probably safe to say the reason they are not on the "least admired" list again this year is because there are other companies in other industries around the world that were deemed to be less admirable. Being better than the worst is sometimes an improvement in itself.

What follows is the list of retail industry companies that were ranked as "least admired" in 2011 in different aspects of their business. The numbers in the left column indicate the ranking that the company was given in each of the designated categories, out of ten companies that were designated as the "least admired."

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Retail Companies Least Admired for People Management in 2010:

6.  Rite Aid

Retail Companies Least Admired for Management Quality in 2010:

5.  Volvo

10. Peugeot

Retail Companies Least Admired for Financial Soundness in 2010:

5.  Rite Aid

9.  Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea

9.  Volvo

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