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Employee Productivity and Performance

Managers want employees to work harder and get better results. Employees seem to want to get paid more for doing less. These management tools and tips will help you get the productivity and performance you deserve while giving employees the rewards they want.

Finding and Keeping Employees with Ownership
Employees with ownership are self-directed, self-motivated, responsible, accountable and low maintenance. Managers can find and keep employess with a sense of ownership with specific hiring, training, and management strategies.

Supporting Employees, Managing Excellence
Employees will perform with excellence when managers understand the root causes of poor performance and the leadership tools that support excellent work.

Uncovering Key Challenges & Barriers in the Retail Operation
Common examples of challenges and barriers that negatively affect employee performance and the work environment.

Employee Performance Management System
Annual appraisals alone do not effectively help you manage employee performance. Learn how to create a comprehensive performance management system that will systematically guide employees to improvement, and motivate them to high levels of performance

Managing Deadbeat Employees Up or Out
They're called deadbeats, slackers, goof-offs, loafers, goldbrickers, slugs, shirkers, half-steppers, and other names unsuitable for polite conversation. If you have employees who work harder at getting around the rules than they do at getting their job done, you can use these management strategies that will either move their performance up, or move their body out of your organization.

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