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2010 World's Largest Retailers - The Biggest and Best Retail Chains in Sweden

Italy Retail Companies on the Top 250 Global Powers of Retailing List


What follows is a list of the retail companies based in Sweden that were included on the 2010 Global Powers of Retailing ranking list, which identifies the largest retailers in the world. The number in the left column is the global ranking number assigned to the company, based on its sales figures, compared to other top retail organizations worldwide.

Retail Companies Based in Sweden Ranked Among the 250 Largest Retailers In the World:

30    The IKEA Group
HHousehold Specialty

60    H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB
Apparel/Footwear Specialty

61    ICA AB

154  KF Gruppen

164  Apoteket AB

227  Axfood AB

245  Systembolaget
Specialty Stores

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