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What Is the World's Largest Retail Convenience Store and Where Is It Located?


Bucees new braunfels 2013
Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia/CC by SA-3.0
Question: What Is the World's Largest Retail Convenience Store and Where Is It Located?
Traditionally the retail convenience stores attached to gas stations are small in size with a limited selection of essential household and automotive products, along with small selection of packaged and prepared takeout food and beverages. But the largest convenience store in the world is neither small nor limited, and rivals many full-size hypermarkets in terms of store size, square footage, product variety and selection, and retail sales floor space. What is the world’s largest convenience store and where is it located?
Answer: With 67,000 square feet of retail sales space, Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels, Texas is acknowledged to be the world’s largest convenience store. To compare, you could fit 22 average sized 7-Eleven convenience stores inside this world’s largest Buc-ee’s. Two average sized Whole Foods stores could fit inside the New Braunfels Buc-ee’s. Wal-Mart’s Neighborhood Market stores are almost 40% smaller than Buc-ee’s world’s largest store.

The Buc-ee’s World’s Largest store was not the first Buc-ee’s convenience store. Buc-ee’s was founded by Arch “Beaver” Aplin and Don Wasek when they opened their first Buc-ee’s convenience store in Lake Jackson, Texas. The concept behind this first location was cheap ice cream and clean restrooms. The formula was popular with customers, so the Buc-ee’s chain slowly expanded, along with the concept itself and, obviously, the size of its stores. The New Braunfels world’s largest Buc-ee’s opened on May 7, 2012.

Besides having the world’s largest designation, the New Braunfel’s Buc-ee’s has also been recognized as having the World’s Cleanest Restrooms by Cintas business supply company. This would be a notable accomplishment for any convenience store, but particularly for this Buc-ee’s location, which has 83 restroom stalls to keep clean 24/7.

Much more than a retail space attached to gas station pumps, the “convenience” features of the world’s largest Buc-ee’s convenience store in New Braunfels, Texas include:
  • 60 gas pumps
  • 67,000 square-foot convenience store
  • 18 acres site
  • 250 employees
  • 1,000 parking spaces
  • Open 24/7
  • 31 cash registers
  • 4 Icee machines
  • 80 soda fountain dispensers
  • Voted the "Best Restroom in America" by B2B supply company Cintas in 2012
  • Gourmet foods
  • Locally made sauces
  • Gifts
  • Fudge counter
  • Buc-cee's Beaver branded merchandise
  • Wide selection of freshly made jerky meats including turkey jerkey, bohemian garlick jerky, sweet and spicy jerky
  • "Wall of Candy" with a wide selection of candy, fruits, and nuts
  • Baked goods
  • Tubing and water gear for the Guadalupe River
  • Fruit and produce farmer's market
  • Seasonal merchandise
  • Full size deli counter
  • BBQ pit in the middle of the store cooking and serving pulled pork and barbecue beef and brisket sandwiches
  • A wide selection of toys, jewelry, household decor, cookbooks, religious items, animal feeders, beachwear, artwork, and hunting paraphernalia
  • Full-time attendant dedicated to keeping restrooms clean
Buc-ee’s World’s Largest Convenience Store Location:
2760 N. Interstate 35 Frontage Rd.
New Braunfels, TX 78130

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