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Employee Approval Ratings of Largest U.S. Retail Industry Chain CEOs

Best and Words U.S. Retail Industry CEOs as Ranked by Employee Feedback


Employee Approval Ratings of Largest U.S. Retail Industry Chain CEOs
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Investors and analysts tend to rate retail industry CEOs with a completely different set of criteria than retail employees would use to rate their boss's-boss's-boss's boss. So if you asked the employees of the largest U.S. retail industry chains if they approved of their CEO, what would they say? Would the collective opinion of current and former employees be different than the collective opinion of retail industry analysts and investors?

Employees have the opportunity to rate, rank, and express their opinions about current and former employers on Glassdoor.com, a career community website dedicated to providing an inside look at what it's really like to work for the largest American companies.

The ratings on Glassdoor.com are ongoing and change with each review, but as of the publish date of this article, these are the employee approval ratings of the largest CEOs at the helm of the largest retail chains in the U.S.:

Employee Approval Ratings for the CEOs of the Largest U.S. Retail Chains:



  • 59% Employee Approval Rating
    Mindy Grossman, CEO
  • 56% Employee Approval Rating
    Craig Herkert, CEO
  • 53% Employee Approval Rating
    Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO
    Dell Research Index >>
  • 53% Employee Approval Rating
    Jerry Storch, Chairman and CEO
    Toys 'R Us
    Toys 'R Us Customer Loyalty Program >>
  • 48% Employee Approval Rating
    Hank Meijer, Co-Chairman and CEO
  • 46% Employee Approval Rating
    Greg Wasson, President and CEO
  • 46% Employee Approval Rating
    Mike Duke, President and CEO
  • 46% Employee Approval Rating
    Sandy Beall III, Chairman, President and CEO
    Ruby Tuesday
  • 41% Employee Approval Rating
    Louis D'Ambrosio, President & CEO
    Sears Holdings
  • 40% Employee Approval Rating
    Larry Merlo, President and CEO
    CVS Caremark
  • 40% Employee Approval Rating
    Sam Martin III, President and CEO
    Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company
  • 40% Employee Approval Rating
    Steve Burd, Chairman, President, and CEO
  • 37% Employee Approval Rating
    Mike Jeffries, Chairman and CEO
    Abercrombie & Fitch
  • 34% Employee Approval Rating
    Rick Drelling, Chairman and CEO
    Dollar General
  • 29% Employee Approval Rating
    Paul Raines, CEO
  • 20% Employee Approval Rating
    John T. Standley, President, CEO, and Director
    Rite Aid

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