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Disney, Target, Starbucks, and Toyota Mission Statements and Complete List

Mission Statements of Largest Retail Companies and Corporations in the World


Disney, Target, Starbucks, and Toyota Mission Statements and Complete List
Barbara Farfan for About.com

Radio Shack
The Radio Shack mission statement focuses on the essential core of its retail operations - electronics, customers, and employees.
Click here for the complete Radio Shack Mission Statement >>

Instead of focusing on its famous proprietary brands and how to sell them, the Sears mission statement focuses instead on a proprietary type of relationship the retailer wants to have with its customers.
Click here for the complete Sears Holdings Mission Statement >>

Stage Stores
Stage Stores uses one mission statement for five different storefront brands to make its impact on small towns and neighborhoods.
Click here for the complete Stage Stores Mission Statement >>

Staples proves that selling any type of merchandise can a soulful experience with the right mission statement.
Click here for the complete Staples Mission Statement >>

The mission statement of Starbucks is a model to be followed not just because of the success of the company itself, but because of the successful structure of the mission itself, which provides an inspiring vision and practical implementation at the same time.
Click here for the complete Starbucks Mission Statement >>

When Target fulfills accomplishes its mission when it fulfills its advertised brand promise to "Expect More. Pay Less."
Click here for the complete Target Mission Statement >>

Toyota's popularity with car buyer's worldwide is due to a mission that is much larger than building and selling cars.
Click here for the complete Toyota Mission Statement >>

Toys 'R Us
Not surprisingly, the Toys 'R Us mission statement is all about kids and the company puts 'R Commitments and 'R Values behind it.
Click here for the complete Toys 'R Us Mission Statement >>

The Walgreens mission statement is about much more than drugs for sick people and positions the drug store and pharmacy chain as a retailer of wellness.
Click here for the complete Walgreens Mission Statement >>

Everybody who's ever seen a Wal-Mart advertisement has also seen the Wal-Mart mission statement, whether they knew it or not.
Click here for the complete Wal-Mart Mission Statement >>

Walt Disney
The mission statement of the Walt Disney company is widely recognized as being one of the best in corporate America because it is the guiding force behind the success of one of the great American brands.
Click here for the complete Walt Disney Mission Statement >>

Wells Fargo
As would be expected with most financial institutions, the mission statement of Wells Fargo Bank is to get control of as many individual assets as possible, a mission which could possibly leave the what's best for the customers out of the equation.
Click here for the complete Wells Fargo Mission Statement >>

The legacy of success created by Dave Thomas is kept alive by the mission, vision and values created by the founder.
Click here for the complete Wendy's Mission Statement >>

Western Sizzlin
The relaxed, friendly, family-oriented mission statement of Western Sizzlin sets the tone for a Western Sizzlin dining experience.
Click here for the complete Western Sizzlin Mission Statement >>

Whole Foods
With a Motto, Mission Statement, Core Values, and Quality Standards clearly defined, Whole Foods, there is little doubt about the customer experience that Whole Foods wants to create and how its employees are expected to create it.
Click here for the complete Whole Foods Mission Statement >>

The mission statement of Zappos.com Internet retailer is nothing about the products sold on its shopping website, and everything about the customers who purchase those products.
Click here for the complete Zappos.com Mission Statement >>

Zumiez stays focused on its active cutting edge customer base by staying aligned with a mission to do what others only dreamed of.
Click here for the complete Zumiez Mission Statement >>

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