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Michael's Craft Stores Employee Lawsuit - Michael's Employee Awarded Millions

Getting Fired During Chemotheraphy Treatments, Michael's Employee Gets Even


Michael's Employee Lawsuit - Michaels employee won huge wrongful termination lawsuit. (See details about a Michael's employee multi-million dollar suit below.)
Michael's Craft Stores Employee Lawsuit - Michael's Employee Awarded Millions
Reprinted with permission from Microsoft Office.com
in September, 2010, a Florida woman was awarded $8.1 million by a jury for being wrongfully terminated by Michael's craft stores. The employee reportedly had undergone a double mastectomy and was in the middle of chemotherapy treatments when she was falsely accused of stealing and then fired.
The fabricated theft allegation and the subsequent termination were found to be in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act.

Michael's was ordered to pay the employee $4 million for pain and suffering, $4 million for punitive damages, and $100,000 for lost wages.

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