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Best 18 Alternate Internet Job Search Resources For Retail Job Seekers Online

Overlooked Job Search Websites Help Sidestep Retail Job Seeking Competition


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Updated June 26, 2014
If you are one of the millions of retail job seekers who are competing with millions of other retail job seekers, your best strategy may be to start searching some place that less populated, and therefore, less competitive. Employers who post jobs on well-known job search websites like Monster, Career Builders, and Hot Jobs are inundated with responses. Your resume may never even get read if the 43 people who responded to the job posting ahead of you were even marginally qualified.

If you don’t want to be lost in the job search crowd, you have to find someplace that is less crowded to search. There are many internet job search website resources specifically focused on retail industry employment that are overlooked and underutilized just because their web addresses aren’t household names.

Listed here are 18 internet job search resources where you can find job openings that are not listed on the major job search engines. Included in this list are creative online job search websites and tools that can give you a competitive advantage on the most popular job search sites too.

This list is arranged in alphabetical order, not in order of popularity, size, or any type of evaluation of the quality of the services. The best internet job search resource for you is the one that will connect you to a job that’s perfect for you. Your “right fit” retail job could be waiting for you on any of the websites listed below, so it’s worth your time to check them all out. If you can’t find a right fit job in one of these 18 places, you may need to seek professional help. A professional recruiter, that is.

Best 18 Alternate Internet Retail Job Search Resources:

1. All Retail Jobs
- Free service, has both retail hourly and management job search listings from more than 12,000 retail employers and recruiters
- Get e-mail notifications when jobs are posted matching your saved search specifications

2.Biz Journals Retail Jobs
- Free service, connected to OnTargetJobs, with a wide variety of supervisory and management level retail jobs

3. Careers in Grocery
- Free service, search grocery industry job listings from clerk to general manager in all 50 states

4. Clothing Industry Jobs
- Free service, focused specifically on jobs in the clothing industry, which includes some unique retail positions, and uncommon career paths

5. Employment Guide Retail Jobs
- Free service, lists jobs at all levels from major national retail employers

6. Fashion Gigs
- Free service, with more than 10,000 job listings specifically for the fashion merchandising industry

7. Groove Job
- Free service that focuses on part time jobs, student jobs, teen jobs and hourly jobs, many of which are in the retail industry

8. I Hire Retail
- Free service that posts nothing but retail job openings, some of which are exclusive to their website

9. Job Fox Visual Merchandising Jobs
- New York visual merchandising jobs, buyer, management, and entry level retail positions
- Uses a “Mutual Suitability System” that matches applicants with potential employers after both answer a questionnaire

10. Job Monkey
- Free service that bills itself as having the “coolest jobs on earth”
- Lists “unique opportunities to travel the world, have fun, and earn good money doing it”

11. Just E-commerce Jobs
- Free service, all job postings related to e-commerc
- Most jobs require IT and programming skills

12. Oodle Retail, Merchandising & Wholesale Jobs
- Free service, aggregates job listings from small and offbeat classified sites
- Both national and local search possible

13. Retail Gigs
- Free services, focused exclusively on retail and merchandising jobs

14. Simply Hired
- Free service, aggregates retail listings from several different medium-sized job search sites

15. Telecommuting & Online Jobs
- Paid service, lists retail-related jobs that you can work from home
- Listings are screened to remove scams

16. Twitter
- Free service, has many different accounts feeding job postings in real-time
- Job tweets that are specifically for retail jobs available nationally include: 17. Twitter Search Services
- Free services that will search Twitter for mentions of retail-related jobs
  • TweetMyJobs
    Free service, allows you to set your job search criteria and receive notification of new job openings via text message
  • TwitterJobSearch
    Free service searches Twitter for specifically chosen words, but does not allow you to search by location
18. Work In Retail
- Free service, focusing specifically on retail jobs at all levels
- Can send you job recommendations as they are posted

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