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Retail Job Hunting Tip - How to Write a Retail Resume To Get an Interview Call

Customize Resumes to Match Job Descriptions and Get Interviews


Most people will create a resume, and send the same resume out to every potential employer. Most people don't get contacted for interviews.

When employers are deluged with resumes, the applicants that will make it into the interview pile will be the ones who seem to be "perfect" for the job. When hiring managers see experience on a resume that specifically matches their job posting, they see a right fit. When they see a resume with experiences that don't relate to what was included in the job posting, they see nothing special.

While it takes more time to customize each resume, the extra effort will pay off in the form of employer contacts, interviews, and eventually, job offers.

For the best results, customize each resume to specifically address as many details in the employer's job posting as you detail your experience, strengths, and skills.

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