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Management Level Retail Jobs

Management level jobs most often involve the supervision of entry level and front line employees. In the retail industry, management level jobs may not be supervisory, but rather carry a higher level of responsibility and expertise. Get information about management level jobs in the retail industry here.

Retail Career Job Provile - Visual Merchandsing Associate
Retail career paths in merchandising often start with a retail store visual merchandising position. Retail visual merchandising employees work with the advertising, marketing, and sales departments by designing, developing and executing in-store visual displays and by decorating store windows in the style of the brand of the merchandise and...

Retail Management Job Profile - District Manager
The supervision of several managers and several store locations is the responsibility of the retail district manager. This job profile provides an outline of the expanded responsibilities and contributions you'll take on in the role of retail district manager.

Loss Prevention Manager Job Profile
Loss prevention is getting more sophisticated and more necessary in the retail industry. This loss prevention job profile will help you determine if you're suited for a retail loss prevention career.

Retail Management Job Profile - Store Manager
Store managers are resonsible for the successful execution of all aspects of a retail store operation. Employee supervision, merchandising, marketing execution, inventory management, and budget control are the ways in which a store manager ensures the profitability of a retail outlet. This job profile summarizes the role of and responsibilities of a retail store manager.

Retail Management Job Profile - Assistant Store Manager
Assistant managers plan, organize, delebate, and work alongside the store manager to ensure that the store is operationally functional and efficient. Use this job description to help you prepare for a promotion to this important retail position.

Retail Career Job Profile - Management Trainee
Many companies provide specific training and on-the-job experience with their managment training programs. While working as an apprentice under one or more experienced store managers, management trainees gain the skills and experience in merchandising, advertising, inventory, bookkeeping, and human resources that position them for advancement in their retail career.

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