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Mobile Gift Cards - Complete List of Largest US Retailers With Mobile Gift Cards

Retail Chains Selling and Accepting Mobile Smartphone Gift Cards - M-Commerce


Mobile Gift Cards - Complete List of Largest US Retailers With Mobile Gift Cards
Reprinted with permission from Microsoft Office
Updated August 31, 2012
Mobile gift cards are the newest innovation in gift cards for the U.S. retail industry. Instead of using plastic gift cards, consumers are allowed to store their gift card numbers on their cellphones and smartphones and then redeem their gift card by presenting the stored information on their phone at checkout.

What follows is a complete list of the largest U.S. retailers that are currently selling and accepting mobile gift cards from cellphones and smartphones as part of their m-commerce marketing strategies.

Largest U.S. Retail Chains That Sell Mobile Gift Cards (via Swagg or Transaction Wireless):

More info about the 1-800-Flowers mobile gift card >>

More info about the 77kids mobile gift card >>

More info about the Aerie mobile gift card >>

American Eagle
More info about the American Eagle mobile gift card >>

More info about the Athleta mobile gift card >>

More info about the Lands' End mobile gift card >>

JC Penney
More info about the JCPenney mobile gift card >>

Lands' End
More info about the Lands' End mobile gift card >>

Old Navy
More info about the Old Navy mobile gift card >>

More info about the Piperlime mobile gift card >>

Pottery Barn Teen
More info about the Pottery Barn Teen mobile gift card >>

More info about the Target mobile gift card >>

West Elm
More info about the West Elm mobile gift card >>

Complete Roundup of 2011 Last-Minute Shopping Options from Major U.S. Retail Chains: MORE >> Retail Chains and Restaurants That Accept Gift Cards on Mobile Phones as Payment for Purchases >>
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