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Acura Brand Mission Statement - Fresh Ideas for the Highest Quality Products

Mission Statement, Principles, Headquarters & Founders Facts for Acura Vehicles


As part of the Honda corporation, the Acura brand is a result of the mission to develop fresh ideas and supply products of the highest quality. (See the complete Acura and Honda mission statement below.)
Acura Brand Mission Statement - Fresh Ideas for the Highest Quality Products
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Acura Brand Founders Facts and Trivia:

The Acura brand was launched by Honda Motor Company in the US in 1986. The Acura Integra and the Acura Legend were the first luxury cars from a Japanese manufacturer sold in the U.S. Honda opened sixty new dealerships to support Acura sales.

Honda Corporation Headquarters:

The global headquarters for the Acura brand are part of the Honda corporation global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. The Acura management team also works in the headquarters of the American Honda Motor Co, Inc., which are located in Torrance, California.

Acura Brand and Honda Company Mission, Vision, and Values:

The Acura brand of vehicles were born because of the mission, principles, and management policies of its parent company, the Honda Company.

Click here to view the Honda Compony Mission Statement >>

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