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American Express Mission Statement - Helping Customers Do More and Achieve More

Mission, Vision, Values, Principles, Headquarters & History of American Express


The mission of American Express is all about helping customers do more and achieve more, and all the financial services that American Express can provide to make that “more” possible. (See the American Express mission, vision, values, and principles below.)
American Express Mission Statement - Helping Customers Do More and Achieve More
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American Express Founders Facts and Trivia:

When it was founded in 1850 in New York, the American Express company was much like FedEx, providing expedited delivery services of money and goods between the east and west coasts of the rapidly expanding United States. Most of its business clients were banks, which might be what inspired the founders of American Express - Henry Wells, William G. Fargo, and John Butterfield - to start providing financial services instead of just delivering them for others.

In 1882 American Express started offering money orders, and in 1891 the world’s first traveler’s cheque was offered by American Express. Almost immediately the company started establishing working relationships in Europe and the American Express international banking operations officially began in 1903 in Rotterdam. In 1906 American Express was awarded an exclusive contract to provide currency exchange to immigrants coming through Ellis Island. The first American Express charge card was issued in 1958.

American Express International Headquarters:

The international headquarters of American Express are located where the original expedited delivery company began, in New York City, New York.

American Express Company Mission Statement, Vision, Values and Principles:

The mission of American Express first starts with an overarching vision that provides a framework for employees at all levels. The American Express Vision is:

”We work hard every day to make American Express the world’s most respected service brand.”

To achieve the vision of being the world’s most respected brand, American Express employees are provided with three Operating Principles which American Express designates as “first priority.” The Operating Principles of American Express are:
  • Offer superior value propositions to all of our customers
  • Operate with best-in-class economics
  • Support the American Express brand
To remove individual interpretation of those operating principles, American Express employees are provided with a very specific set of “Blue Box Values,” which defines “who we are and what we stand for as a company.” The Blue Box Values of American Express are:
  • Customer Commitment
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for People
  • Good Citizenship
  • A Will to Win
  • Personal Accountability
The American Express Vision, Operating Principles, and Blue Box Values define “how” American Express employees do what they do. One last piece of guidance provided defines the “what” of American Express. Appropriately, this guidance is called “What We Do”:
While not officially labeled a “mission statement,” the American Express “What We Do” statement is structured much like a corporate mission statement, in that it provides both inspiration and achievable outcomes.

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