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Ann Taylor Stores Mission Statement - Inspiration, Values & Brand Commitment

Mission, Values, Headquarters and Founders Facts - Ann Taylor Women's Clothing


The mission statement for Ann Taylor Stores is lofty in its inspiration, but a specific set of values and a strong brand commitment make the Ann Taylor mission real for employees. (See the Ann Taylor stores mission statement below.)
Ann Taylor Stores Mission Statement - Inspiration, Values & Brand Commitment
Barbara Farfan for About.com
Ann Taylor Women's Clothing Stores Founders Facts and Trivia:

The first Ann Taylor store was opened in 1954 in New Haven, Connecticut by founder Richard Liebeskind. The store was not named after a person, but rather, after a dress design created by Liebeskind's father. The "Ann Taylor" dress design was popular, and the style of that dress immediately established the well-dressed brand of Ann Taylor stores.

Ann Taylor Stores Headquarters:

The headquarters for Ann Taylor stores are located in Times Square on the island of Manhattan in New York City.

Mission Statement of Ann Taylor Retail Stores Chain:

The mission statement of Ann Taylor retail chain is lofty, and meant to be inspirational. The Ann Taylor stores mission statement is...

"To inspire and connect with our clients to put their best selves forward every day."

"The mission statement is made real for Ann Taylor employee associates, however, with a clearly defined set of values and a strong commitment to the Ann Taylor brand and Ann Taylor customers. The Ann Taylor Values are...

"We are passionately committed to our brands.
Our associates know that our brand heritage lives and brows by exceeding our clients' expectations.

We are driven to perform.
Personal accountability for results is at the heart of how associates contribute to our grown - as well as what ensures our overall integrity.

We work as a team.
We embrace the diversity of our associates and their ideas, and we collaborate and communicate openly.

We are constantly improving.
We stay ahead of the industry - instead of merely reacting to it."

For more about the Ann Taylor Values and Brand Commitment, click here.

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