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Carter’s Inc. Mission Statement - Celebrating Childhood and Supporting Families

Mission, Headquarters, History & Founders of Carter’s Children’s Clothing Stores


The company mission statement of Carter’s Inc. is a little bit about the children’s clothes it manufactures, and a lot about supporting the parents who buy the clothes and celebrating the children who wear them. (See the complete Carter’s company mission statement below.)
Carter’s Inc. Mission Statement - Celebrating Childhood and Supporting Families
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Carter’s Children’s Clothing Founders Facts and Trivia:

The history of Carter’s Inc. began in 1865 when William Carter founded The William Carter Company in Needham, Massachusetts. Carter’s first products were mittens that he knitted in his kitchen. In the 1870’s Carter’s product line grew to include adult underwear and the “union suit,” which is basically one-piece long underwear that Carter produced for babies, children, and adults.

It wasn’t until the 1950’s that Carter’s main product line shifted from underwear to children’s clothing. As of 2012, there are company-owned Carter’s children’s clothing retail stores in all 50 states, and Carter’s stores in 35 countries outside of the United States.

Carter’s Inc. Headquarters:

The headquarters of Carter’s Inc. manufacturing and retail store operations are located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Mission Statement of Carter’s Retail Stores Chain:

The mission statement of Carer’s Inc. is really a statement of its “philosophy,” which not only clarifies what Carter’s makes and sells, but also the why and how of its making and selling. The “Philosophy” of Carters Inc. is:

"We believe that childhood is a celebration, and the colorful prints and cute characters we design are inspired by the joy and love children bring into our lives. We celebrate childhood by supporting babies, children, and families with thoughtful designs, quality materials and construction, and convenient shopping options.”

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