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Chevrolet Mission Statement - A GM CEO Statement Backed By Five Principles

Mission Statement, Headquarters & Founders Facts About Chevrolet Brand Cars


The mission statement of the Chevrolet brand is the mission statement for the General Motors Company - a CEO statement backed by five solid principles. (See the Chevrolet mission statement below.)
Chevrolet Mission Statement - A GM CEO Statement Backed By Five Principles
© GM Company, Reprinted with permission from Media.GM.com
Chevrolet Brand Founders Facts and Trivia:

The Chevrolet brand was founded by Louis Chevrolet and William "Billy" Durant, who was the General Motors founder in 1908. After Durant was ousted from General Motors in 1910, he partnered with Chevrolet. Durant bought a controlling interest in General Motors in 1916 and took the leadership position in GM again, bringing the Chevrolet brand into the company as its own division.

Chevrolet Headquarters:

The headquarters of General Motors and the Chevrolet brand is located in Detroit, Michigan.

The Mission Statement of the General Motors Car Company and the Chevrolet Brand :

The unofficial mission statement of General Motors Car Company and the Chevrolet brand come directly from Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson...

"We win when the customer says we win."

Officially there are Five Principles which the newly reorganized post-recessionary General Motors company uses to guide its business, decisions and daily activities...
  • "Safety and Quality First
  • Create Life-Long Customers
  • Innovate
  • Deliver Long-Term Investment Value
  • Make a Positive Difference"
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