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Chili's Restaurant Mission Statement - Chili's Mission is Brinker's Vision Too

Mission, Values, Headquarters & Founders Facts - Chili's Grill & Bar Restaurants


The mission statement of the Chili's restaurant chain is really the Philosophy and Motto of its parent company, Brinker International, are completely aligned because they are the same. (See the complete Chili's Grill & Bar mission statement below.)
Chili's Restaurant Mission Statement - Chili's Mission is Brinker's Vision Too
Reprinted with permission from BrinkerInternational.com
Chili's Grill and Bar Facts and Trivia:

The first Chili's was opened in Dallas, Texas by Larry Lavine, after becoming a chili cook-off enthusiast in 1967. Twenty-three Chili's restaurants were acquired by Norman Brinker in 1983. The 1000th Chili's restaurant was opened on August 3, 2004 in Dallas, Texas.

In 1991 the name of the parent company official became Brinker International.

Chili's Restaurants (and Brinker International) Headquarters:

The Chili's Restaurant and Brinker International Headquarters are located in Northbrook, Illinois.

The Chili's Grill and Bar Mission Statement:

The mission statement of Chili's Grill and Bar is really the same as its parent company, Brinker International, which is not referred to as a mission, but rather a "philosophy" and a "motto." The Philosophy of Brinker and Chili's is...

"We believe in celebrating the differences that make a good company great, and in leveraging individual strengths to create an innovative inclusive and unified team."

The official motto of all Brinker International says everything about the tone of all Brinker International retail restaurant chains. The motto is simply...

"Let's Play Restaurant!"

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