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Circuit City Mission Statement - Lost Vision Led to Bankruptcy and Liquidation

Vision, Headquarters and Founders Facts About Circuit City Stores Retail Chain


Circuit City's 2009 bankruptcy and liquidation is a case study of retail demise after a mission statement dies. (See Circuit City's mission statement below.)
Circuit City Mission Statement - Lost Vision Led to Bankruptcy and Liquidation
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Circuit City Founders:

Circuit City was founded in 1949, and went bankrupt and liquidated in 2009. The Circuit City brand and logo were purchased by Systemax Inc., and currently consumer electronics are being sold through a Circuit City branded e-commerce website.

Circuit City Headquarters:

The Systemax, Inc. headquarters are in Port Washington, NY.

Circuit City Mission / Vision Statement:

On its corporate website before the company went bankrupt and liquidated all of its brick-and-mortar stores, Circuit City outlined the mission statement that purportedly guided the company's decisions and actions.

"To make sure that we are all working in the same direction, each of us must live and breathe Circuit City's values and use them as a guidepost for our actions and decisions."

To further clarify that mission to all of its employees, the company outlined its corporate values in detail...
"Respect Our Associates are our greatest assets. We expect every Associate to demonstrate that they respect and value others for their efforts, their knowledge, and the diversity that they bring.

We are a product of our experiences and those around us can benefit from our lessons learned. Pass on to others what you value and learn.

What's in it for you? We foster an environment of engagement where associates are invested and involved in the future of the company. What you do matters.

Use your fresh perspective to look, ask, and learn. We never stop looking at the way we approach our business and ways to simplify processes.

Maintain the highest integrity
We expect all of our associates to maintain the highest of ethical standards. Our integrity must never be compromised. Integrity is the foundation onto which all other values are placed."

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