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Coca-Cola Mission Statement - 7 Values, 6 P’s, 5 Behaviors, 1 Happy Mission

Mission, Vision, Values, Culture, Headquarters & History of the Coca-Cola Co.


It takes seven values, a vision with six P’s, and five behaviors to achieve the one mission of the Coca-Cola Company - happinesss. (See the Coca-Cola mission and values below.)
Coca-Cola Mission Statement - 7 Values, 6 P’s, 5 Behaviors, 1 Happy Mission
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Coca-Cola Founders Facts and Trivia:

The beverage known as Coca-Cola was invented by a pharmacist, John Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia in 1886. Pemberton invented the syrup and then went to nearby Jacobs Pharmacy to add the carbonated water. Customers who tasted the first batch of the new beverage responded favorably, so Jacobs Pharmacy started selling it for five cents per glass. Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson is credited for naming the drink Coca-Cola, and for creating the distinctive Coca-Cola script, which is used as the logo for the both the soft drink and the company more than 225 years later.

Pemberton died just two years later. Reportedly sales of Coca-Cola at that time was nine glasses per day.

Coca-Cola Company International Headquarters:

The Coca-Cola Company headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia where the beverage was invented.

Coca-Cola Company Mission Statement, Vision, Values, and Cultural Behaviors:

The mission of the Coca-Cola Company extends far beyond the manufacturing of beverage products, and focuses on the impact the company wants to make on the global customers who consume the Coca-Cola beverage products. The mission statement of the Coca-Cola Company is:

"To refresh the world... To inspire moments of optimism and happiness...To create value and make a difference."

Beyond its mission, the Coca-Cola company also has an official Vision to help it achieve sustainable growth. This Vision consists of six P’s:
  • People
  • Portfolio
  • Partners
  • Planet
  • Profit
  • Productivity
In order to fulfill its vision, the Coca-Cola Company has defined six behaviors of a Winning Culture which define the attitude that it expects all Coca-Cola employees will embrace as they go about their daily work. The six winning behaviors are:
  • Focus on the Market
  • Work Smart
  • Act Like Owners
  • Be the Brand
  • Live Our Values
One final set of guidelines that Coca-Cola provides its employee team is the seven “values" that they have been expected to “live.” The Values of the Coca-Cola Company are:
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Diversity
  • Quality
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