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Dollar General's Mission Statement Focuses on More than Just Money and Savings

Mission Statement, Vision, Headquarters and Founders Facts About Dollar General


Dollar General customers focus on value, but its mission statement and values focus on more than just money. (See Dollar General's mission statement below.)
Dollar General's Mission Statement Focuses on More than Just Money and Savings
Reprinted with permission from DollarGeneral.com
Dollar General (DG) Founders Facts and Trivia:

In 1939 J.. Turner and Cal Turner, Sr. started what would eventually become the Dollar General chain when it opened J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale in Scottsville, KY. That store was renamed "Dollar General" in 1955 and carried only merchandise that cost $1.00 or less.

Dollar General Headquarters:

The Dollar General corporate headquarters are located in Goodlettsville, TN.

The Mission Statement and Vision of Dollar General (DG)

Dollar General's mission statement is just two words - "Serving Others." Dollar General defines what that means for four different groups of people that it deals with on a daily basis:
    "For Customers... Price Quality, and Great Prices. For Employees... Respect and Opportunity For Shareholders... A Superior Return For Communities... A Better Life"
Dollar General further defines how the company and its employees will achieve its mission with a list of corporate values:

"We Believe In...
  • Demonstrating integrity in everything we do

  • Providing employees the opportunity for growth and development, in a friendly and fun environment

  • Delivering results through hard work and a shared commitment to excellence

  • Celebrating success and recognizing the contribution of others

  • Owning our actions and decisions and learning from our mistakes

  • Respecting the dignity and difference of others
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