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IBM Corporation Mission Statement - 3 Values Created By 319,000 IBM Employees

Mission, Values, Headquarters & History of IBM Technology & Business Services


The mission of the IBM corporation is really three Values that were created with the help of 319,000 IBM employees. (See the IBM corporate mission, vision, and purpose below.)
IBM Corporation Mission Statement - 3 Values Created By 319,000 IBM Employees
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IBM Founders Facts and Trivia:

IBM was first incorporated in New York state in 1911 as the Computing- Tabulating- recording Company (C-T-R) by Charles R. Flint as the merger of four companies - the Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company, the Bundy Manufacturing Company, and the Computing Scale company. The C- T- R company initially sold a wide variety of machines including coffee grinders, and meat slicers, and it provided business services like census tabulation with punched card equipment.

The company changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation in 1924 to better describe the company’s present and future business activities. Today the company refers to itself as IBM and provides a wide variety of technology, products, and services to business customers throughout the world.

IBM Corporation International Headquarters:

The IBM international corporate headquarters are located in Armonk, NY.

IBM Corporation Mission Statement and Values:

The mission, vision, and values of the IBM corporation has been the same since the company was incorporated in 1911. In 2003, more than 319,000 global IBM employees (IBMers) participated in a 72-hour “Values Jam,” which redefined the values which guide IBM in the development and delivery of its technology and business products and services. The Values that were designed from the consensus of the IBMers are:
  • "Dedication to every client's success
  • Innovation that matters, for our company and for the world
  • Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships"

How these IBM values are used by the IBM leadership team is described this way by IBM CEO Samuel J. Palmisano:

”Clearly, leading by values is very different from some kinds of leadership demonstrated in the past by business. It is empowering, and I think that's much healthier. Rather than burden our people with excessive controls, we are trusting them to make decisions and to act based on values - values they themselves shaped." More About the Values and Values Jam of IBM >>
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