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McDonald's Restaurants Mission Statement - A Common Mission With Branded Values

Mission, Vision, Values, Headquarters and Founders Facts - McDonald's Fast Food


The mission statement of McDonald's fast food restaurants is a common mission for every restaurant, but the McDonald's Values reflect the McDonald's experience. (See the complete McDonald's mission statement below.)
McDonald's Restaurants Mission Statement - A Common Mission With Branded Values
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McDonald's Restaurants Founders Facts and Trivia:

Most people think that the McDonald's restaurant chain was started by Ray Kroc, which isn't exactly true. The first McDonald's restaurant was actually called McDonald's Bar-B-Que restaurant, which was opened in 1940 in San Bernardino, CA. They didn't convert to a simple hamburger and potato chips menu until 1948. In 1949 french fries replaced the potato chips and triple thick milkshakes were added to the menu.

It wasn't until 1954 that Ray Kroc discovered the first McDonald's restaurant when he went there to sell them a milkshake machine. Kroc became a national franchise manager and helped open a McDonald's franchise restaurant for the first time in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois.

McDonald's Restaurants Headquarters:

The worldwide headquarters of McDonald's restaurants is located in Oak Brook, IL, along with its training facility called Hamburger University.

The Mission Statement of McDonald's Fast Food Restaurants:

The mission statement of McDonald's fast food restaurants around the world is not much different from any restaurant chain...

"McDonald's brand mission is to be our customers' favorite place and way to eat."

That broad and common mission statement is more clearly defined by the McDonald's Values, which reflects the experience that customers can expect when walking into a McDonald's fast food restaurant no matter where it is located...
  • We place the customer experience at the core of all we do.
  • We are committed to our people.
  • We believe in the McDonald's System.
  • We operate our business ethically.
  • We give back to our communities.
  • We grow our business profitably.
  • We strive continually to improve.
Currently McDonald's is implementing a global strategy that it calls "Play to Win," which is designed to create a consistently excellent customer experience in McDonald's restaurants. The five key facets of that McDonald's experience are people, products, place, price, and promotion.

For more about McDonald's values, click here.

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