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OfficeMax Mission Statement - Too Simple to Inspire, But Defined by Core Values

Mission Statement, Headquarters & Founders Facts About OfficeMax Office Stores


The mission statement of OfficeMax office is so simple that it neither provides guidance nor inspiration, but is further defined by the OfficeMax Core Values and employee responsibilities. (See the OfficeMax mission statement below.)
OfficeMax Mission Statement - Too Simple to Inspire, But Defined by Core Values
Barbara Farfan for About.com
OfficeMax Office Supply Stores Founders Facts and Trivia:

OfficeMax, Inc. was founded back in 1931 when it operated as the Boise Payette Lumber Company. After Boise Cascade Corporation acquired the company on December 9, 2003, the name was changed to OfficeMax, Inc.

OfficeMax Office Supply Headquarters:

The headquarters of OfficeMax is located in Naperville, Illinois.

The Mission Statement of OfficeMax Office Supply Stores:

In its simplicity, the OfficeMax mission statement fails to give either guidance or inspiration, two important things that a good company mission statement are supposed to do. The simple OfficeMax mission statement is is...

“We help our customers do their best work.” The hows of the OfficeMax mission statement are more clearly defined, however, by The OfficeMax Core Values...
  • "Integrity & Accountability.
  • Think Company & Customer First.
  • Teamwork & Trust.
  • Focus & Discipline.
  • Sense of Urgency."
And to provide further clarity and guidance, employees are provided with specific responsibilities which will bring the mission statement to life in their everyday tasks. For example, the how-to's of achieving the OfficeMax mission statement for the Director of Retail Sales includes...
  • "Develop and influence through relationship building
  • Analyze categories and prioritize sales opportunities
  • Develop strategies to drive profitable sales
  • Simplify communication and execution
  • Provide feedback to drive continued growth"
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