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PetSmart Mission Statement - Both Pets and Owners Get Superior Customer Service

Mission Statement, Headquarters & Founders Facts About PetSmart Pet Stores


The mission statement of PetSmart pet acknowledges that in every transaction there are two PetSmart customers - the pet and the pet owner. (See the PetSmart mission statement below.)
PetSmart Mission Statement - Both Pets and Owners Get Superior Customer Service
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PetSmart Pet Stores Founders Facts and Trivia:

PetSmart has its beginning in 1987 when Jim and Janice Doughterty opened two PetFood Warehouse stores in Phoenix, Arizona. The PetSmart store name and logo weren't officially used until 1989.
PetSmart Pet Stores Headquarters:

The PetSmart headquarters are located where the company first began in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Mission Statement of PetSmart Pet Stores:

In its mission statement, which PetSmart refers to as a vision statement, the leaders of PetSmart wisely acknowledge that with every transaction, there are two customers who deserve superior service - the pet and the pet owner. The PetSmart vision statement is...

“To provide Total Lifetime Care for every pet, every parent, every time – which means that we offer solutions, superior products, unmatched services and superb customer service.”

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