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The Buckle Mission Statement - Total Focus on the Customer Shopping Experience

Mission Statement, Vision, Headquarters and Founders Facts About The Buckle


The Buckle mission statement keeps all employees completely focused on creating The Buckle customer experience. (See The Buckle's mission statement below.)
The Buckle Mission Statement - Total Focus on the Customer Shopping Experience
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The Buckle Clothing Stores Founders Facts and Trivia:

David Hirschfeld founded The Buckle when he opened the first Mills Clothing store in Kearney, Nebrasks in 1948. A second store named Brass Buckle was also opened in Kearney. In 1991 all stores in the chain began operating under the current name, The Buckle.

The Buckle Stores Headquarters:

The Buckle corporate headquarters are still located in the city where its first store opened, in Kearney, NE

The Mission Statement of The Buckle:

The mission statement of The Buckle keeps employees at all levels completely focused on The Buckle customers and the shopping experience in The Buckle stores. The mission statement of The Buckle is:

"To create the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests.."

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