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Toys 'R Us Mission Statement - All About 'R Kids, 'R Commitments, and 'R Values

Mission Statement, Headquarters & Founders Facts About Toys 'R Us Kids Stores


The mission statement of Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us broadly focuses on kids, and is backed up by 'R Commitments and 'R Values which make the mission real for 'R Us employees. (See the Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us mission statement below.)
Toys 'R Us Mission Statement - All About 'R Kids, 'R Commitments, and 'R Values
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Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us Founders Facts and Trivia:

Charles Lazarus opened a Children's Bargain Town store which sold baby furniture in Washington, DC in 1948. The first Toys 'R Us store that specialized completely in children's toys was opened in 1957. The famous backwards "R" that is part of the Toys 'R Us iconic logo was designed to give the impression that a child had written it.

Corporate Headquarters of Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us:

The corporate headquarters of the Toys 'R Us company is located in Wayne, New Jersey.

The Mission Statement of Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us:

The mission statement of Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us is very simple and very broad:

“To be the world’s greatest kids’ brand.”

To make this an achievable mission for the Toys 'R Us and Babies 'R Us employees, the company also has very specific and clearly delineated commitments and values...

“R” Commitments
  • “R” Team – growing and developing our employees by cultivating a great place to work
  • “R” Customers – achieving customer satisfaction by delivering a quality experience for our customers
  • “R” Shareholders – achieving consistent, reliable performance for our shareholders
  • “R” Community – maintaining and enhancing our position as a good corporate citizen
“R” Values
  • Rapid: We believe that speed is a reflection of our culture. 
  • Real:  Our team is urgent, sincere, authentic, helpful to work with and confident. 
  • Reliable:  Being reliable means working as a team so everything can move faster. 
  • Responsible:  We believe that honesty, integrity and compassion are the foundation upon which we work together and conduct our business. 

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