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Zappos.com Mission Statement - Nothing About Products, All About Customers

Mission, Core Values, Headquarters and Founders Facts - Zappos Shopping Website


The mission statement of Zappos.com Internet Store has nothing to do with the products it sells and everything to do with who it sells to - the customers. (See the complete Zappos.com mission statement below.)
Zappos.com Mission Statement - Nothing About Products, All About Customers
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Zappos.com Internet Store Founders Facts and Trivia:

Many people think that Zappos.com was founded by its current well-known leader Tony Hsieh, but that isn't the whole story. In 1999 Nick Swinmurn came up with the idea of selling shoes in an Internet store. Tony Hsieh then invested $500,000 in Nick's idea and the two founded and ran the company together, which was originally called ShoeSite.com. When Swinmurn left Hsieh completely in charge of the company in 2006, the annual sales were $252 million.

Zappos.com Corporate Headquarters:

The corporate headquarters of Zappos.com are located in Henderson, Nevada, where tours are available by appointment.

The Mission Statement of Zappos.com:

The mission statement of Zappos.com has nothing to do with what it sells on its Internet shopping website and everything to do with who is buying the Zappos.com products - the customers. The mission statement of Zappos.com, also referred to by Zappos employees as their "WOW Philosophy," is...

"To provide the best customer service possible."

It is believed that the fulfillment of that simple mission will make it possible for Zappos.com to successfully sell any collection and selection of products. To guide Zappos employees in achieving that mission, Zappos employees have ten core values to guide them in their daily tasks...

Zappos 10 Core Values:
    1) Deliver WOW Through Service
    2) Embrace and Drive Change
    3) Create Fun and A Little Weirdness
    4) Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded
    5) Pursue Growth and Learning
    6) Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication
    7) Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit
    8) Do More With Less
    9) Be Passionate and Determined
    10) Be Humble
For more about Zappos core values and culture, click here.

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