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Retail Jobs, Employment and Career Research and Resources

Get the best jobs and promotions with the top employers in the retail industry. Find research and resources for retail employers, job-hunters, hourly store employees, and management team members. Turn your hourly retail job into a top paying retail career with inside tips from successful retailing experts.
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Employee Recommended Best & Worst Retail Employers for 2013 Holiday Job Seekers
Holiday retail job seekers who want to know which retail employers are best to work for in the 2013 Christmas season can find answers in the recommendations of the current and former employees. This is a complete list of employee recommendation ratings for the largest U.S. retail chains. Costco, Apple, Publix, and Nordstrom are some of the largest retail employers that employees love to work for. Forever 21, Radio Shack and Dillards are some of the retail chains that current and former employees don’t recommend as employers. Find the best holiday retail job at the most highly recommended retail companies in this holiday job hunting research article.

2013 Best Work-Life Balance at Retailing Companies - REI, Sheetz, Wayfair, Shell
What are the retailing companies that provide the best work-life balance to its employees? Find out which U.S. retailing companies do the best job at providing work-life balance according to the employee ratings and rankings from Glassdoor.com in this article. Get current and former employees opinions about the work-life balance of retailing employers like REI, Sheetz, Wayfair, and Shell and other major retailing companies, along with links to current openings, company research and online job applications here.

2013 Retail Management Jobs in the Best Cities for Employee Satisfaction
Find a list of retail management jobs that are available in the Best Cities for Employee Satisfaction in this article. These are the retail headquarters that are located in the top ten cities where satisfied employees live where retail job hunters can start looking to find the best retail employers. Find retail job hunting research here.

The Separation Between Church & Workplace - EEOC & ACLU Lawsuits Push Retailers
Disney, Wal-Mart and other retailers are being forced to defend themselves against the ever expanding definitions of “discrimination” being pushed through the legal system by the EEOC and ACLU in employee lawsuits against their employers. Does “religious expression” belong in the workday or should there be such a thing as the separation between...

Retail Job Openings at the Fastest Growing Privately-Held Retail Chains
The 2012 Fastest Growing Retail Companies list is a valuable list to retail job-hunters because with growth comes expansion and with expansion comes jobs. Find information about the fastest growing retail chains hiring new employees here, along with links to the employment and hiring contacts of each.

Largest U.S. Cities With Most Retail Jobs Lost & Added 2011 - 2012 - Labor...
Find out which cities lost and added the most U.S. retail industry jobs, along with the number of jobs that retailers in each city lost and added between April, 2011 and April 2012 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Get a list of the largest U.S. retail cities and how the job market changed in the retail sector between 2011 and...

Best Retail Employers for 2012 College Grads - Top Retail Jobs Graduates Want
What is the best retail employer for 2012 College Grads? Get a list of the 24 retail companies that undergraduates chose as being the top 100 ideal companies to work for after graduation here. Find out where 2012 graduates will be sending their resumes in an effort to get their dream retail jobs.

Worst U.S. Retail Industry Companies to Work For - Annual Employee Rankings
What are the worst U.S. retail industry companies to work for? Find the annual rankings of the worst retail employers according to employee surveys conducted by Glassdoor.com here.

Retail Job Stories - Share Real Experiences, Tips & Advice About Working Retail
Successful professionals have shared the valuable experiences they gained and the business lessons they learned from working a retail jobs and you are invited to share your own retail job story too. Share your retail experiences, tips and advice about working in retail jobs here. See submissions

Employment Studies Guide 2013 College Graduates to Retail Headquarters Jobs
Find the results of studies which guide 2013 college graduates to look for work in cities with retail headquarters and affordable housing. Home Depot, RaceTrac, Williams-Sonoma, Overstock.com, and Kirkland’s are just some of the retail companies situated in good locations for recent grad job seekers. Get expert analysis of 2013 employment studies and retail job prospects for recent grads in this article

Retail Headquarters Professional Jobs in the 2013 Best Cities for College Grads
This is the list of the best retail jobs in the best cities for 2013 college graduates. Find out which of the largest U.S. retail and restaurant chains have their headquarters located in cities with the affordable housing and low cost of living that college graduates want and need. Get a list of retail headquarters jobs located in “best” cities like Atlanta, Houston, and Denver in retail companies like Target, Nordstrom, Amazon, and Starbucks here.

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