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2013 Best Work-Life Balance at Retailing Companies - REI, Sheetz, Wayfair, Shell

Employee Ratings & Rankings of Work-Life Balance Policies, Culture, Benefits


2013 Best Work-Life Balance at Retailing Companies - REI, Sheetz, Wayfair, Shell
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Updated October 15, 2013
The definition of work-life balance is as individual as the individual doing the balancing. So even if a company has a desire to provide work-life balance for its employees, the policies, culture, and benefits that are most balancing to some employees might have little or no value to the personal lives of others.

Rating and ranking the work-life balance of a retailing employer - or an employer in any industry - is equally as difficult as providing the balance itself. The only sure way job hunters can know if working at a particular retailing company will provide the work-life balance they're looking for is by getting insights from current and former employees who have similar work-life values and priorities.

This is why the annual ranking of Best Companies for Work-Life Balance at Glassdoor.com are valuable. The open and anonymous employee rating platform of Glassdoor provides insights about work-life balance through employee ratings, and more importantly, through employee comments. Since there are no guidelines provided about how "work-life balance" is defined, each individual employee's rating is based on their own personal opinion about what "work-life balance" means, which may or may not match anyone else's. Reading the pros and cons in employee comments should give job searchers a realistic snapshot of the quality of work-life balance provided by each employer.

What follows is a list of the retailing companies that have been included on the Glassdoor "Best Companies for Work-Life Balance" list for 2013, 2012, and 2011. The number to the left of each company name indicates the ranking of the company on the overall list of Best Work-Life Balance companies in all industries, out of a total of 25 top companies ranked. Click the links below each retailer to find out more about employment, job, and career opportunities at each retailing company.

2013 Best Retailing Companies for Work Life Balance:

20 Shell Oil 22 Chevron 23 REI 2012 Best Retailing Companies for Work Life Balance


18 Wayfair 2011 Best Retailing Companies for Work Life Balance

13 Sheetz 21 Chevron

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