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Retail Headquarters Professional Jobs in the 2013 Best Cities for College Grads

Best Places to Find the Retail Jobs, Affordable Housing, and Low Cost of Living


Retail Headquarters Professional Jobs in the 2013 Best Cities for College Grads
Barbara Farfan for Home Depot
Updated May 31, 2013
The nearly two million 2013 college graduates are looking not only for the best job they can get with their degree, but also for the best place to live with their entry-level salary. According to Rent.com, there are ten cities with the combination of low unemployment, affordable housing and low cost of living that will be the best places for 2013 college graduates to live and work.

Fortunately for the 2013 grads, the retail headquarters of some of the largest U.S. retail chains are also located in the cities designated to be the “best” for college grads. Cross-referencing the U.S. Retail Company Headquarters list with the Best Cities for College Grads list creates a list of retail companies where recent college grads may be able to find their first post-graduation management or professional job.

What follows is a list of the “best cities for college grads” and the retail company headquarters that are located in each. The cities are listed alphabetically, not by any ranking which designates the best of the “best.”

Click the links to search for today’s headquarter job openings in each of the “best” cities.

Retail Headquarters Jobs in the Best Cities for College Grads:

Atlanta, Georgia Boston, Massachusetts Dallas, Texas Denver, Colorado Houston, Texas Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota Seattle, Washington St. Louis, Missouri Share This Story | Trending Retail Topics | Newest Articles & Updates
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