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Non-retail Professionals Found Great Value Working Retail and Restaurant Jobs

True Stories of Past Retail Jobs Which Created Future Non-Retail Career Success


When job hunters can't find the job they want, they often begrudgingly settle for any job they can get in a retail store or restaurant until their "real career" can begin. But professionals in all industries have worked retail and restaurant jobs at some time in their career, and found great value in their past retail and restaurant work which helped create success in their future non-retail career.

These are true stories of working in retail and restaurant jobs, and the positive lessons that were learned in those retail and restaurant work environments from successful professionals in just about every industry.

Television Career Was a Direct Result of Retail Clothing Store Job

Susan Kayne, Executive Producer and on-air personality for Unbridled TV

"I credit my work in retail with the start of my TV career. At the time I worked at Spector's, the local TV station WRGB, called to see if someone would go to the station and..." read more >>

How Serving Banquets for Powerful People Is Valuable to A Chiropractic Career

Katie Hawn, DC - Chiropractor and Author of "Magic Nights: A Treasure Map and Travel Guide to the Ocean of Power and Possibility in Your Sleeping Mind"

"One night at a very very high end banquet full of powerful world class famous people, I was near the elevators and was watching as the doors opened and Colin Powell emerged. His presence was so powerful, and at the same time so honoring and wise, that I immediately knew..." read more >>

Department Store Extreme Customer Experiences Helped Create Web Owner Success

Reprinted with permission from PocketYourDollars.com

Carrie Rocha, Owner of PocketYourDollars.com

"Daytons had a culture of superior, beyond average customer service... Do whatever it takes to solve the customers problem. My blog developed its initial following when I used to..." read more...

Wealth Manager Values Restaurant Bussing Job For "Real Job" Perspective

Jonathan DeYoe, Founder and owner of DeYoe Wealth Management in Berkeley, CA

"The big lesson I learned is to know what your 'real' business is, which helps you focus on the right things. My 'job' at the restaurant was making sure that the tables were cleaned quickly so new customers could be seated quickly. My 'real job' was..." read more >>

Restaurant Serving Valuable for Public Relations Engagement & Persuasion Skills

Reprinted with permission from Driving Force PR

Brian Kearney, President of Driving Force Public Relations, an award-winning boutique public relations agency in New Jersey

"I worked as a server at a restaurant called The Black River Barn in Randolph, NJ. This restaurant was 'THE' place to be on weekends, which were the shifts I worked because of school. Working at a restaurant I mastered the art of..." read more >>

Marketing Director Gained Interpersonal Skills Working College Restaurant Job

Krystina Borrocci, Director of Marketing for UHY LLP, a Certified Public Accounting Firm in Connecticut

"Working in fast-paced restaurant environments allowed me to improve several different skills that I use today. I learned how to 'shoot the sh*t' (pardon my French) and..." read more >>

Website Community Manager Found Value in Retail Customer Service Philosophy

Reprinted with permission from PowHow.com

Rachel Simpson, Community Manager at PowHow.com

"I worked nights at Pier 1 Imports, Dave and Busters in Times Square, Wildwood BBQ, and as a singing server at Entertainment Cruises. My job now is a huge change from serving wings and beer in Times Square, but the skills I learned in customer service prepared me for this role. I was trained to..." read more >>

Restaurant Work Cooked Up Winning Philosophy for Branding Advertiser's Success

Greg DuBose, Owner of Bella Group Branding Agency in Jupiter, Florida

"When cooking on a line and tickets were lining up for orders, my sous chef at the time said, 'I don't know what will happen or when we'll finish them. I do know...'" read more >>

Editor Communicates and Multitasks Better After Working Restaurant Jobs

David Bakke, Editor for MoneyCrashers.com

"As an editor, I have multiple projects going on simultaneously each day. Although my work as an editor is much less physical than working in a restaurant..." read more >>

From Subway to Social Media Management - Restaurant Skills Work in New Career

Heather Taylor, Social Media Manager for MyCorporation.com

"The time I spent there was literally like something out of a Cameron Crowe coming of age story. I worked with a crazy cool team, and we had ridiculous customers. I was there for the beginning of the $5 dollar footlong, and it was busy all day every day. But I learned..." read more >>
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