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Top Retail Industry Jobs and Career Management Tools and Tips


Create your best retail industry career with expert tools and tips about training, job hunting, and career advancement. From your first entry level retail job through every promotion and salary raise, find information for building a successful career and making it to the top of the retail industry ranks.
  1. Retail Job Descriptions
  2. Job Hunting Tips
  3. Executive Positions

Retail Job Descriptions

Retail careers often start with entry level hourly positions in retail stores, but retail careers are not limited to the retail store sales floor. Discover the career options that the retail industry has to offer in these retail job descriptions.

Job Hunting Tips

Every move in a retail career will require excellent job hunting and interviewing skills. Use these expert tips and tricks to find and land the best jobs at all levels in the retail industry.

Executive Positions

The top executives in the largest U.S. retail companies are well paid and well known, sometimes achieving celebrity status whether they want it or not. For those with retail executive aspirations, this look inside the executive boardroom will provide valuable insight about the career and lifestyle of today's top retail executives.

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