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Retail Industry Jobs - Job Descriptions, Job Profiles, Retail Career Path

A successful career in the retail industry begins with the choice of a career path. With clarity about your ultimate retail job goal, you can work backwards to know how to move forward in your retail career. Research the career paths of today's famous retail CEOs, and find retail job options, job descriptions, and job profiles here.
  1. Entry Level Retail Jobs (5)
  2. Management Level Jobs (6)
  3. Retail Merchandising Jobs (3)

The Career Path to Becoming a Retail CEO
The career path to becoming a retail CEO is not always a steady ascent up the corporate ladder. The work histories of contemporary retail rock star CEOs reveal that several routes and strategies can help to advance a career all the way to the top seat in the boardroom.

Retail Career Job Profile - Visual Merchandising Associate
Retail merchandising career paths often start with a store level visual merchandising job. Retail visual merchandising employees work with the advertising, marketing, and sales departments to design in-store visual displays and decorate store windows in the style of the store, its merchandise, and the brand.

Retail Career Job Profile - Personal Shopper
Personal shoppers are trusted consultants who create an ultra personalized shopping experience for individual customers. For those who are equally enthused about developing relationships and making informed product recommendations, a personal shopping job will be an exciting step in your retail career.

Retail Career Job Description and Profile - Consumer Psychologist
A retail related job with great advancement potential and little competition can be found in the field of consumer psychology. Get information about this new and exciting career path which can take you to the highest levels of management and decision-making in the retail industry.

Retail Career Job Profile - Competitive Intelligence Analyst
Retail Career Job Profile Competitive Intelligence Analyst

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