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Famous, Funny and Inspiring Quotable Quotations About Business - Quotes Index

Quotable Quotes From Famous People About Working, Owning, and Running a Business


Updated July 13, 2013
In a culture that revolves around the retail business, in a governmental structure that is politically influenced by retail business, in an economy that is dependent on the retail business, in a society where shopping is a recreational pastime, it's easy to take retail business a little too seriously. Take a break from the serious business of retailing with these funny and inspiring quotable quotations from famous business leaders, writers, entertainers, and experts.

This is an index of quotable quotes about all aspects of American business - working, leading, owning, and running a business. Click the link to find the complete collection of famous, funny, and inspiring quotes on each topic. Share This Story | Trending Retail Topics | Newest Articles & Updates
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