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Retailers Double Savings With Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday 2013 Doorbusters

Thanksgiving Day Store Hours Double the Black Friday Marketing Challenge in U.S.


Retailers Double Savings With Thanksgiving Day & Black Friday 2013 Doorbusters
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Updated November 29, 2013
With an overwhelming number of retail stores offering store hours on Thanksgiving Day, November 28, 2013, the traditional Doorbuster Sales and Deals game has become a new challenge for the marketing teams at the largest U.S. retail chains.

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Even though the boundaries of Black Friday are blurrier than they've ever been before, the largest U.S. retail chains are still using Doorbuster Sales as a motivation for shoppers to arrive at stores at specified times. Generally the items offered during Doorbuster Sales are "loss leaders" and are often sold to customers at cost or at a loss. But major U.S. retail chains still stand to gain from Doorbuster Deals for three reasons:

1) It gives shoppers a specific and compelling reason to make a specific trip to a specific store
2) Once in the store, retailers have the opportunity to sell additional merchandise (with a higher profit margin) to customers who are purchasing doorbuster deals
3) It keeps shoppers out of the stores of the competition, even if just for a short period of time.

The strategy behind Black Friday Doorbuster Deals in the days before there was such a thing as Thanksgiving Day Shopping was to either have the best Doorbuster Deals, or have the earliest. The best deals would steal customers from the competition. The earliest deals would capture the first spending from Christmas shoppers on a limited budget.

In 2013, Christmas holiday shoppers will find that the choice of Doorbuster sales and deals have multiplied exponentially. Since the Christmas holiday shopping season will be kicked off well before the Day After Thanksgiving sales begin, there will be Pre-Thanksgiving Doorbuster Sales, Thanksgiving Eve Doorbuster Deals, Thanksgiving Day Doorbusters, the traditional Black Friday Doorbuster Sales, more Doorbuster deals on both Saturday and Sunday as part of Black Friday Weekend, and even Cyber Doorbusters on Cyber Monday and throughout Cyber Week. And let's not forget the online-only Doorbusters that will be going on 24/7 for Black Friday week and Cyber Week shoppers.

So, what exactly are the largest U.S. retail chains doing with their Doorbuster Sales and Deals marketing strategy in 2013. Click here for 2013 Early Bird and Doorbuster Deals start times and details >>

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